Kundali bhagya 4 December 2020 Written Update : Sherlyn slaps Mahira

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta sees that Karan is looking at her plate. She asks does he need anything. Karan says no, he just wants to feed her with his hands. Preeta says but if she opened her mouth to eat and he ate it then. Karan says he will never do that. He added he was very happy today that Preeta kept a fast of Karvachauth for him, he wants Preeta to do this every year because it gives him a lot of happiness. Preeta remembers how Sarla used to tell Preeta that God should strengthen Preeta and Karan’s relationship and last for years. While Karan feeds her with love.

While he is feeding her, Preeta bites his finger. Karan says did she do this consciously. Preeta says no. Why would she do this? Karan says it is probably because he gave permission to keep Mahira in this house. She says it is not so. She says that if this thing is really bothering him, then he can cut her finger.

Karan kisses her instead of biting her finger. Preeta is blushing. Karan says that he can never give her pain and neither will he give anyone else the right to bother Preeta. But if anyone still does this, he will ruin him. He says he will always protect her. Preeta is happy.

Mahira adds poison to Preeta’s food and is happy that no one can save Preeta anymore. Rakhi comes and takes Preeta’s food. Rakhi says to Mahira, perhaps today Mahira understood that only a wife can keep a fast for her husband. Sherlyn asks Mahira where the poison bottle is. Mahira says it was empty, she mixed all the poison into Preeta’s food, now soon Preeta’s game is over. And then she will go closer to Karan.

She says it would be good if news of Preeta’s death arrives soon. Sherlyn is angry that Mahira did not include her in this plan. Karan and Preeta share a romantic moment. Rakhi arrives and is about to give Preeta kheer but Sherlyn drops it. She apologizes. Rakhi says no problem she will make kheer again. Mahira scolds Sherlyn for this. Sherlyn slaps Mahira.

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