Imlie 3 December 2020 Written Update – Aditya got a promotion in his work

At the beginning of the episode, Rupali went to the terrace and gets surprised to see Imlie putting Aditya’s phone into the rice. Rupali asked her that, what she is doing with that phone again as you got scoldings for this once. Imlie smiles and teel her that she is trying to fix it back. Malini went to her parents with her big smile, and her father said, whenever you come back after meeting Aditya you look happier.

Malini’s mother told her that she is booking a car for both of you. Malini said Aditiya would not accept such gifts from you, and she said when I demanded, something you put down wish. Aditiya was looking for his phone Imlie came and gave him his phone. Aditya scolded her and told her not to touch his things again.

Rupali told Aditiya that she is just trying to help you out by fixing that phone again. Aditya taunted by saying that Imlie has become an engineer now. Aditya’s mother came and stopped him from being rude to her and asked him to try to switch it on. Aditiya tries to turn on his phone, and it turned on.

Rupali asked Imlie that how she did this magic, suddenly Aditiya went from there. Then they told Imlie to make breakfast for them, and then she makes thick roti. Everyone told her that they never ate such thick roti. Imlie told them that by eating this you will be filled for a longer time. While Aditya was busy on his phone, Rulpali served him that thick roti, and he ate that and praised that and advised her mother to have it regularly. Imlil heard this and told everyone to appreciate her. Aditya gives his presentation for a tye news article, which everyone liked and praised him for his hard work. All of them moved for lunch, and his work was about to publish.

Family members were shopping and asked Imlie to pick a saree for herself. Imlie went from there and started missing her mother and get worried as she is all alone in the village. Nani taunts that Imlie would be like a maid for them. Imlie was upset and missing her mother, and other family members tried to distract her.

Episode end

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