Shaadi Mubarak 4 December 2020 Written Update : Kirtan wants to prove his love for Preeti

Preeti comes to her room at the beginning of the episode. Kirtan also follows her. Kirtan says that due to Preeti, Nandni came here and insulted him. Preeti says she didn’t do it intentionally and this should not bother them. Kirtan says it makes a difference for him. Preeti says she really does matter. He says Preeti will not understand. And by saying this he goes from the room. Preeti says she wants to understand Kirtan and wants to carry out this relationship.

Kusla comes and says that Preeti will not be able to carry this fake marriage only because their relationship is false and Preeti will never be able to play this relationship. She taunts her that she married for money. Preeti tells her it is not so. Kusla says she knows what is true and what is false so she does not need to mislead her.

Further Kirtan’s father tells Preeti that he saw Kusala leaving from here. He knows that Kusala has not accepted her. But she is the only one who can bring happiness to Kirtan’s life and he also promises Preeti that he will always be with her. Later Preeti wants to make some medicine for her injury. Sneha comes and tells Preeti that no one can come to the kitchen without Kusla’s permission, so it would be better if she goes from here. Preeti leaves from there she listens to Kirtan and Neil talk. Neil asks Kirtan is he sure that they should do this. Kirtan says yes.

Kirtan calls Nandani and tells her that he is removing the tattoo of her name and instead he would make a tattoo of Preeti’s name. Nandni gets upset after hearing this. Kirtan is about to make the tattoo, Preeti stops it. Preeti says what is he doing. Kirtan says he was doing this to prove his love.

Preeti says love is not proved, it is felt. Kirtan kiss Preeti’s cheeks and says if she felt now. He leaves the room. Preeti stands stunned. There Priyanka wants to tell Juhi about Amit but then Sumedh tells Juhi that there is a fire in their shop. Kusala sees slippers in front of the door. She asks whose slippers it is. Sneha says this is Preeti’s slippers. Kusla calls Preeti and taunts her and throws her slippers out. Next Neil comes to call Preeti for dinner. Kusala is irritated upon seeing her.

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