Anupamma 4 December 2020 Written Update : Vanraj enjoyed Anupama’s handmade khichadi

Vanraj returns home at the beginning of the episode. He enters the house. Anupama is surprised to see him. Vanraj loudly calls out to Leela. Leela is surprised to see him, tears start coming from her eyes. She leaves Anupama and goes to Vanraj. And she remembers the moment when she slapped Vanraj. Vanraj asks her if he can come inside. Vanraj thinks that the wife can take the son out of his house and not from his mother’s mind.

Samar and Nandani do not talk to each other. Nandni tells Samar that she wants to talk to him. He says they will meet in the evening and then will talk. Nandini says ok. Vanraj comes inside the house. Babuji asks Vanraj if his mind come on track in one day. Vanraj says the Babuji bag is empty, he has come to take only some things. Babuji says he has lost a lot. Which he will soon realize. Vanraj says it is okay if I lost something today, I will get it tomorrow.

Leela tells Anupama to bring water for Vanraj. Then she realizes that Anupama will no longer do this work. She says she will bring water for Vanraj. Anupama says she will call the children. Vanraj gives Leela some money. Anupama and Babuji say they do not need money. Vanraj says that Anupama has separated him from his family, he will also distance her from her children.

Anupama asks Pakhi, Samar, and Paritosh to meet Vanraj. Pakhi happily goes to Vanraj. Vanraj asks Pakhi to help him. Anupama says that she knows that Vanraj wants to take Pakhi. There Kavya feels sorry that she scolds Vanraj in the morning. She thinks of cooking dinner for Vanraj. Here Leela tells Anupama to make khichdi for Vanraj. Anupama gets ready to cook food for Vanraj for Leela. While Vanraj tries to convince Pakhi to go with him.

Vanraj brings luggage. Leela asks him to have a meal. Vanraj refuses at first but then agrees. Leela suffers from knee pain but still, she is getting up to serve Vanraj. Anupama says she will serve. Vanraj smiles and says that soon he will remove all the airs of Anupama. But the food serves by Samar instead of Anupama. Vanraj gets irritated after seeing this.

Vanraj happily eats khichdi. Kavya’s call comes, she asks him when he will come. Vanraj says soon. Kavya hears Leela’s voice and feels sad to know that Vanraj is with his family.

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