Yeh Hain Chahtein 4 December 2020 Written Update : Saransh escaped from the house

At the beginning of the episode, Balraj and Ahana were discussing Mahima. Ahana was suggesting Balraj throw out Mahima as soon as possible. Ahana said if something happens in the future, our reputation will be harmed. Balraj requested Ahana to convince Rudkraksh about Mahima. Gps came back and sat quietly. Sharadha scolded him for not bringing Saransh.

Saransh came back to a room and felt sad after listening to Rudkraksh and Preesha’s conversation. Saransh wrote a letter and left it on the table. Saransh packed his bag left the house. Yuvraj came across Saransh and saw him walking alone on the road and felt happy. Yuvraj made him sit on the chair and asked him why he came alone from home. Yuvraj thought of taking an advantage of the situation and manipulated Rudkraksh. Preesga came to Mahima and started crying. Suddenly she notices a paper on the table and read that which Saransh left on the table. Yuvraj gave him his favorite ice cream and asked him about the situation of his house. Yuvraj said to him that his old mother will go from this house and suggested him to stay with the new mother. Saransh friend came to him and meet him Saransh got to know that he is now living with his stepmother and feels weird.

Preesha went to Rudkraksh crying and informed him about Saransh’s escape. Preesha called Shardha and asked about Saransh, but she got to know that Saransh did not reach there. Rudkraksh blamed Presha and went to Search for him.

Rudkraksh came out and scolded the security guard for sleeping and not noticing Saransh when he was leaving the house. Yuvraj convinced Saransh and brought him back to Khurana’s house. Yuvraj thought if he would go inside, Rudkraksh would beat him, so he decided to leave Saransh at the main gate. Saransh came back, and Shardha hugged him asked why he did like this. Sharadha informed Preesha about his arrival.

Rudkraksh and Preesha came back and hugged him. Saransh said he is tired and he wants to sleep with both of them, not anyone. Rudkraksh agreed to his demand and took him upstairs. Saransh was recalling Yuvraj’s words and woke up. Saransh thought of giving lots of money to Mahima for leaving his family alone.

Episode end

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