Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 December 2020 Written Update : Naira attempted Kairav birthday party

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik placed his hand on Kairav eyes and brought him to a hall that was well decorated. Kartik removed his hand, and Kairav went crazy on seeing such wonderful decoration. Suddenly his friends poped up and wished him. His counselor was also present there and hugged Kairav. Kartik assumed her as Naira and felt stupid for himself. She suggested cake cutting, but Kartik said once Naira will come then they will begin with it. Kairav imagined Naira with his favorite jelly cake. Naira in a clown costume was moving towards the venue. The security guard stopped him, but she ignored him and went inside.

Dadi was preparing for the prayer, and Surekha taunted that they are enjoying the party, and we are suffering here. Dadi blamed him for supporting Gayu and making them. Gayu heard this and felt jealous of it. and though no one did anything for Vansh like this. Dadi taunted Surehs for bringing incomplete commodities.

Kairav friends requested him to burst balloons, but Kairav was not in the mood, so Kartik convinced him and took him. As soon as Kartik burst the big balloon and he was about to feel down, but Niara balanced him. Naira felt happy seeing a joker.

Naira played fee tricks with Kairav and at last hugged him. Kartik noticed the happiness on Kairav face after Naira came here. Everyone rejoiced together. Naira’s clown nose fell down, and she was about to apply that, but suddenly Kairav noticed her, but he was unable to watch her. Kartik helped him to clean his aspects.

Naira was about to leave, but Kairav stopped her Kartik also requested her to wait. Naira was a little emotional. Kartik used old film dialogue to stop her, and the councilor and Naira looked at each other.

Episode end

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