Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 4 December 2020 Written Update : Sai gave back answer to everyone

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi was serving tea to Bhavini suddenly, Virat came well-groomed, and Shivani wished to see Virat. Bhavini gave a wired look to Shiwani. Virat took blessings from others, but Sonali ignored him. Aswini came and praised Virat. Bhawani taunted Sai for not coming on time. Virat requested Pakhi to go and whether Sai need some help. Ashwini objected, but Virat said she is also a part of the family.

Usha was praseing for Sai for having such fortune of coming to such a big house in between good peoples. Pakhi knocked on the door and came inside with jewelry for Sai. Pakhi was about to help her, but Dai said she will manage herself. Pakhi said Virat only told her to come here. Sai said Virat had advised her to bring Sai, so she will wait for him till she gets ready.

Ashwini said, Karishma to have a look at Sai. suddenly Sai appeared. Bhavini was not happy with all this. Ashwini advised beginning the proceedings. Bhawani and Sonali taunted for not giving any gifts to Virat. Usha gave a silver coin to Virat. Devyani came and snatched and felt happy for it. Ashwini convinced her for returning. Devyani started staying about his past story. Virat said, Her to keep it carefully as Usha has given him with love.

Sai asked about Devyani’s past, but Bhavini said, her not to ask such questions. Virat thanked Pakhi for helping Sai, but Ashwini again incurred and said he should take care of Sai’s responsibilities. Virat says he has full faith in Pakhi. Virat said soon the result will get declared and he will admit her to in biggest university and Pakhi will help her in his study. Sai said she doesn’t want anyone’s help as she can do her stuff alone. Shiwani thought in her mind that Sai would rule this house one day.

Karishma said Sai to stick with Virat for a pic. Pakhi and Virat were looking wired to each other. Shiwani suggested some romantic poses to them.

Episode end

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