Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4 December 2020 Written Update : Kabir find proof against Vihan

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima is shocked when Dadi asks Vihaan to fill Riddhima’s maang with vermilion. She says she only belongs to Vansh and apologizes to him because she has no other option. Vihaan puts vermilion on Riddhima’s forehead and wears her Mangalasutra. And Grandma feels happy while thanking God. Riddhima and Vihaan seek blessings from grandmother. Grandma blesses them to be together forever because they are each other’s strength.

Dadi tells Riddhima that she should wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Ishani leaves from there in anger. Angre goes after her. Riddhima taunts Kabir. Kabir decides that he will end Riddhima’s game soon. Kabir goes to Vihaan’s house to get proof. There he gets a letter which makes him happy to see and thinks that Riddhima’s game will be over soon. Riddhima remembers how Vihaan put vermilion on her forehead and Dadi was intent on staying with him. But she is only a Vansh’s and will not give the place of Vansh to anyone else.

Vihaan says she belongs to him. Riddhima asks Vihaan to descend the coat of Vansh. Vihaan says that if he is a Vansh now, he cannot remove his coat. But Riddhima takes off the coat and says that she will bring new clothes for him tomorrow. She is about to get down the watch also but Vihaan stops her. Vihaan asks her if she really loves Vansh or is doing drama.

He taunts Riddhima to pretend in the name of love. Riddhima raises her hand angrily but Vihaan gives her advice not to do such an act. Riddhima thinks that she will soon have to know what is going on in Vihaan’s mind. Further Riddhima collides with Kabir. Kabir tells Riddhima that he has come to know about Vihaan. Riddhima is shocked. Kabir says he will soon reveal Vihaan’s truth. Riddhima ignores him and leaves.

Vihaan is talking to Dadi. Kabir and Riddhima u come there. Kabir asks how the Vansh beat the death. Vihaan tells him a false story. Kabir’s assistant further sends him the mail but no evidence against Vihaan is found. Riddhima is happy that Vihaan erased the evidence. Vihaan warns Kabir not to disturb him further. Further, Riddhima and Vihaan are ready for sleep. Vihaan asks Riddhima the reason for bringing him here, Riddhima gives him the reason.

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