Qurbaan Hua 5 December 2020 Written Update : Alekh kidnapped Kripa

At the beginning of the episode, Dr. Baigh was watching Chahat’s pic on Neel’s phone. Neel thought this is the right time to bring Chahat in front of Dr. Baigh and which will help him to recover fast. Alekh was sitting quietly at the table. Godambhari came and asked why hr so nervous today. Alekh acknowledged her about Chahat, and Vyas Ji has gone to that factory. Godhmbari was in doubt that who tried to kill Neel except them.

Neel said after Dr. Baigh will get recover, he will take his sister’s murder revenge. Neel said he has many questions, Which he wants to ask him. Chahat called Neel and requested him to come back home as soon as possible. Neel came home, and Chahat said to him that finally she will get to know about the culprit and hugged Neel. Chahat found a female perfume smell from Neel’s clothes and asked him whom he is meeting t secretly. Neel said this perfume was in Bhupender bakery. Chahat was not accepting this and again said to him, to tell the truth.

Neel turned Chahat towards the mirror and showed her in that and said this is the same girl who is coming close to her, and he has feelings for her Chahat got emotional after listening to all this. Neel changed the topic by asking her how she will catch the culprit. Chahat said there is a CCTV camera at the entrance from where she will get to know about the culprit. Alekh heard all these secrets and went downstairs and angrily kicked chairs.

Godhmbhari asked her why he is so angry and reacting like this. Alekh said he was only worried about this thing, and now my efforts of many years will get destroyed. Godambhari said before things get worst, kill her like Saraswati. Godgambhari anyhow gave some work to Chahat and engaged her. there Aelkh went and received the CCTV footage. Suddenly Neel came and took that from Alekh’s hand and said this work was assigned to him why he came here.

Chahat was examining the Pendrive, and Neel was pampering Kripa, and accidentally Neel dropped a glass of water on the laptop, and it stopped working. Neel immediately went to the market to get repaired. Alekh went to Chahat and asked about the pen drive Chahat replied Pendrive is with Neel and hidden the Pendrive in Kripa swing. Godhmbhari called Chahat to pay the laundry bill, as soon as she went Alekh started searching for Pendrive in the room. Alekh picked Kripa and said now she would only help him to find the Pendrive.

Neel brought new clothes for Dr. Baigh, but Bhupnder thought he had brought them for him. Neel received a strange call, and where he got to know that Kripa is kidnapped. Alekh was Carrying Kripa and brought Kripa to some wired location and said to her that he would send her where her mother went. Alekh was waiting for Neel and leaked the gas cylinder and felt happy to bring the solo owner of Vyas Ji property.

Episode end

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