Shakti 4 December 2020 Written Update : Tejinder is eager to unleash the secret of Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Tejinder gets angry after knowing the truth of Heer and she will not allow a eunuch to become the daughter-in-law of her house. She decides that she will teach Heer and her family a lesson. Shano says and what will she do for it. Tejinder says she will come to know very soon. Heer is lighting a lamp in the temple and this time Virat helps her, then Heer easily lights the lamp.

Shano says the real omen happened today. Of Heer’s ruin and her vindictiveness. Gurminder says where is Tejinder. Parmeet says that Tejinder always disappears when there does good work. Sant says that she should not pay attention to Tejinder and concentrate on marriage. Parmeet looks at Heer and says she looks very cute. Rohan fills Simran’s forehead with vermilion. Tejinder is coming towards the house there. Heer ties Rohan and Simran’s Gath Bandhan on Parmeet’s orders and Parmeet says Heer is her daughter from today. Preeto is happy. And from today Heer gets the same amount of love that Simran gets in this house.

Shano dances happily there and Tejinder is eager to unleash the secret of Heer. But the car breaks down and Tejinder gets angry, she then walks on. Rohan and Simran get married. Tejinder is running and coming towards the house. Tejinder says that she will expose Heer and show her, her position. Shano says that now her revenge will be complete and from today she will breathe peacefully. She thanks God for this. There a car hit Tejinder. The unknown woman gets out of a car and approaches Tejinder.

She picks up Tejinder and puts her in the car. Simran and Rohan get married there. They take the blessings of the elders. Sindhu asks Shano where is she. She states that marriage has been completed. Shano wonders how did this happen, where is Tejinder.

She calls her but the unknown woman throws her phone away. There Simran hugs everyone before she leaves. Virat is happy that his mother accepts Heer as a daughter. Now, as a mother, Parmeet will not reject Heer even after knowing Heer’s truth. That unknown woman wants to take revenge thus she brings Tejinder with her. She wants to take Heer with her.

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