Choti Sarrdaarni 4 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab took a wild decision

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab spoke about Manav’s past. Seema gave a wired look to Manav and advised him to keep quiet. Harleen shouted and said to turn off the tv. Harleen said I was pretty sure that this child would be big trouble for our family. Aditi took a stand for Meher, but Harleen was very angry and said Sarab should talk to me before doing anything.

A reporter claimed that Sarabajeet is doing all these for sympathy and votes for the next election. Suddenly Kulwant came, and in front of her, Sarabjeet resigned from his position. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Everyone started blaming Meher for destroying the party image. Someone showed a tomato at Meher, but Sarabjeet held that and warned everyone if anyone tries it again, then this would be his last mistake.

Meher tried to calm down Sarab and requested him to take back his resignation from the party. Everyone started protesting against Sarabjeet’s sudden resignation. Minister called Harlem and taunted her for giving a chance to tye opposite party yo defame their party. Minister blamed Sarabjeet and Meher for all this mess and asked her for a statement.

Robbie was a little worried that if Hareeln will get to know that he is the culprit behind the whole mess, then he would not leave him. Kulwant came and started blaming Sarabjeet for destroying everything. Kulwant was dreaming of becoming MLA, but Sarabjeet created a mess for everyone.

Aditi hinted that Manav would be blackmailing Sarabjeet. Aditi said people like Manav use girls for their benefit. Aditi said Manav will not able to take his child as a mother is the priority of every child. Harleen said if she got to know about Manav, she gonna kill him.

Yuvi came back in torn clothes. He said to everyone that he got into a mess and broken the legs of kids because they were not letting me play and also spoiled my mood. They were speaking negatively about Meher and saying that their mother told them not to play with me.

Episode end

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