Barrister babu 4 December 2020 written update : Anirudh hugs Trilochan

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan tells Koyli that she should shower Bondita with Gangajal after Bondita’s arrival. And don’t tell this thing to anyone. Anirudh does not understand but it is very important to purify Bondita because she lives with the girls of the diamond market.

Then Bondita arrives and tells Trilochan how Mini harassed them and also burnt the house. Trilochan says Mini is a very devil girl. But where is Anirudh now going to keep the girls? Bondita says in our house. Trilochan says that he will not allow this to happen. Hira Mandi’s girls cannot live here. Binoy comes and tells Trilochan that he should tie a dog leash around Anirudh’s neck and make him a slave to Greenwood.

Bondita says that she will not allow Anirudh to become a slave. So, please support her in this hour of trouble. Further Bondita tells Anirudh that Trilochan has agreed. Everyone becomes happy. Anirudh says now girls will be safe here. Anirudh tells Bondita to show the house to her friends. Bondita does the same.

Everyone praises the mansion. Ilaichi says that her husband also has a big house. Badal says and her husband expels her from the same house. Ilaichi becomes unhappy. Further, Anirudh thanks Bondita for supporting him. Bondita says he should thank Binoy because he helped her. Anirudh is happy. He decides to go to Trilochan.

Trilochan tells Koyli that she should give the girls food in a separate pot and keep them away from the temple. And do not let Anirudh know this. Later Anirudh hugs Trilochan and thanks Binoy. Bondita gives clothes to the girls. In the morning, ilaichi feels jealous of seeing Bondita’s new clothes. Then Anirudh comes and declares that he will take the exam today.

Bondita says but Anirudh did not tell earlier. Anirudh says because trouble does not come by telling. He says he will ask 5 questions and see how much they have learned. So who will come first? Everyone says that the monitor of the class will go.

He takes Bondita to the room and questions her. Bondita gives the right answer to some question, wrong of some. Suraiya and Ramya try to find out what Anirudh is questioning Bondita. Later one by one Anirudh takes everyone’s test. He is quite upset with the girls’ performance and scolds them.

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