Anupamma 8 December 2020 Written Update : Kavya is ready to avenge Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya gets a shock when she notices Vanraj. While Babuji tells Vanraj to take Kavya from there. He asks Vanraj to always take Kavya’s consultant before doing anything. He tells him that he doesn’t like this kind of fuss in his house so take her from here. Vanraj feels guilty, he apologizes to Babuji. He grabs Kavya’s hand and takes her from there. While Kavya is watching Anupama with hazardous eyes.

Leela tells that maybe Vanraj is also very upset, he too doesn’t get any peace when he is staying with Kavya. While Vanraj tells Kavya that for him his parents are his God and his children are everything for him. He will never leave them for her. Ahead Pakhi and Anupama are having a conversion. They are making Pakhi’s birthday plan. Pakhi asks Anupama if she can go to meet Vanraj and do the shopping part with him.

Samar says no to this which makes Pakhi angry. The duo starts a fight. Anupama spots them and tells Pakhi that she can go, but before that call Vanraj and inform him. Leela feels like Kavya will again do some kind of drama at Pakhi’s birthday function. At Kavya’s side, Vanraj and Kavya didn’t want to talk to each other, they are facing a hard time. While Kinjal and Paritosh meet. They think about how to make Rakhi understand their points. So that she can allow them to get married.

There, Pakhi meets Vanraj. Vanraj feels good after meeting his daughter. She tells him about her birth plan and also asks him to go shopping with her. Vanraj agrees. While Kavya is watching them. Vanraj tells Kavya about Pakhi’s birthday party. He tells that today he will go there to celebrate the birthday party.

Anupama shares her plan with Leela and Babuji. She assures that She will throw a huge party for her daughter. While Kavya also wants to throw a party for Pakhi to avenge Anupama. She tells this thing to Vanraj and he gets agrees to this. Pakhi is excited about her birthday.

Paritosh comes with Kinjal. Leela didn’t like to see Kinjal there while Babuji and Anupama are happy to meet Kinjal. Later, Samar tells Anupama about Pakhi’s shopping. Anupama is kind of unhappy as she is not the one who does the shopping for her daughter. Samar tries to make her happy.

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