Shaadi Mubarak 8 December 2020 Written Update : Priyanka wants to break the marriage

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti gives all the Nandni’s stuff for donation. Which makes KT upset. He angrily leaves the place. While Pandit asks Preeti to lights 100 diyas for her beautiful married life. Preeti goes to do the same. KT comes and asks Preeti how dare she touched his belonging when he asks her not to do so. Preeti says because she wants to remove all the sour things from his life. And these things bothered him so much when he used to says that he loves her. She tells when he loves her and when both are a couple then she can do these things to remove all bitter memory from her husband’s life.

She assures sooner or later she will remove all the burden from his life to bring back his self. KT tells he is on his really self. Preeti says no. She then asks her about the case in which he files case Nandni. She asks why he did that. KT recalls how Sheena told him about bounce check. And he asks her to file a case against Nandni but doesn’t tell this thing to Preeti as he doesn’t want to bother her. Preeti tells him don’t go that far for revenge. She can’t see him like this.

KT asks her not to mingle in his life. He will solve his things. He adds she already knows about his spoiled life but she still marries him at her own wish. So now live like this. He even asks her to leave him alone. Preeti feels sad. She goes from there with moist eyes. But her Saree catches fire. KT stops him and by using his hand he blow out the fire. His hand burns. Preeti cares for him. Both share a good moment. There Sumedh asks for money from people as he lost his shop. So if he gets the money he can build another shop. Juhi is under stress.

Kusum asks them to sell her jewels. Juhi says no to this. While Kusum asks if they inform Preeti about it. They say no. Kusum then leaves. Preeti wants to put ointment on the KT wound. But KT says no to this. Shivraj comes and asks KT to stay still and let Preeti do what she wants to do. She asks KT why he did this to save her. KT tells he can’t see her in danger. Priyanka goes for a test. Dr tells her that they never this kind of test so leave. Neil notices everything. Priyanka tells him about Amit’s stupid demand. Neil asks her to leave a guy like him. Priyanka begs him not to tell this thing to anyone.

Later Kusum got to know that Priyanka wants to break her marriage. She asks why. Preeti comes and tells her everything. Kusum stands still. She then asks Preeti about KT. Preeti recalls all the bitter words of KT. Later Nandni comes to KT’s house and tells him that Arjun is lost.

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