Yeh Hain Chahtein 8 December 2020 Written Update : Saransh is out of danger

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha said because of Ahana, Rudkraksh was not willing to disclose this truth. Preesha said Rudkraksh bore too much for Saransh. Balraj recalled how he misbehaved with Saransh. Suddenly Nurse came and said Gps regained his consciousness. Yuvraj said good people deserve good things and said them to go and meet.

Rudkraksh came and Saw Shardha and Balraj were quiet and asked them what happened? Sharadha said we all are aware of the truth. Rudkraksh got confused and asked about Which truth they are speaking. Shardha said Mahima and Preesha acknowledged them about the truth about Saransh. Balraj said he is feeling very guilty today. Suddenly Preesha and Mahima came back, and Balraj apologized to Preesha, but Mahima said its too late now and said she will take Saransh with him. Yuvraj also took a stand for Mahima and said according to laws Mahima will have custody as she will prove that Saransh is not safe with them.

The doctor came and said the operation got successful and he is out of danger now. Rukdkrash asked can we meet him now, but the doctor said he is under observation now, so they can meet him tomorrow. The next day all went to Saransh and saw him. Saransh said sorry to Preesha for stealing money, but Rukdkrash said it’s his house you can do anything. The nurse advised only 2 people to stay here. Mahima requested Rudkraksh to let her stay with Saransh a few times. Preesha tried to explain to Saransh that Mahima does not feel good when he speaks rudely to him.

The next day Rudkraksh came with soup for Saransh, but he denied to drink and said he is angry with him because he said that he will leave Preesha. Rudkraksh said sorry for that and requested him to forgive him. But Saransh said Rudkraksh to do sit-ups and chant that he will not leave his wife. Saransh was feeling happy with Mahima and Preesha. Everyone spends time with Saransh in the hospital but entertaining him.

Episode end

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