Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 December 2020 Written Update : Ridhima felt something for Kairav

At the beginning of the episode, Naira and Karrikt were observing Kairav from a distance. Kairav thought for a while and then picked the brush and colors and moved towards the painting stand, and started painting. Kartik and Naira felt happy to see him. Ridima was not that happy yot sees him painting. Suddenly Ridima came, and Naira hugged her and thanked her. Kartik said no one can understand a son more than his mother. Ridima was a little upset after listening to this. Naira thought of bringing more colors for him. Ridima excused and went to Kairav.

Ridima noticed a birthmark on Kairav’s neck like her and asked him about that. Kairav said it is his birthmark, which Naira use to praise him. Naira made cookies for Kairav and suspended using a basket and rope to Kartik balcony. Kartik called Kairav and said him to try this as aunty has made this for him.

Ridima was wondering and feeling a connection with Kairav. Kartik and Kairav were getting ready and were about to leave, but at last, Kairav went to the washroom. Baira was feeling happy to see the pics of Kartik and Kairav. Kartik opened the door and found Ridima at the door, and she requested him to take Kairav with her for a painting competition.

Luv and kush were enjoying the beats of the guitar which was played by Krish, Suddenly they asked Krish about the truth that really Kairav pushed Vansh suddenly Gayu came and shouted at them for asking such questions. Gayu warned Krish for speaking such things again in this house. Naira called Ridima and thanked her for taking Kariav to a wonderful place where he will enjoy himself very much. Naira advised her not to feed him any fast food or else he will get ill. Ridima was a little confused.

Naira was cooking for Kairav and waiting for him to come back. Kairav was eating a roll at the stalls, and Ridima was watching him. Naira called Ridhima, but her phone was silent, so she was unable to see Naira’s call. Naira saw Kartik and said him to wait and then went downstairs. As soon as Naira came out from the lift but Kartik dragged her inside the lift. The security guard noticed them and thought of catching them red-handed. Kartik observed that the lift is not working and thought of spending some personal time.

Episode end

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