Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 8 December 2020 Written Update : Sai gave rude replies to Bhavini

At the beginning of the episode, Sai asked Virat does she look aggressive. Virat said to her to prove that she is cool mined. Virat said, her to have look on her face within 5 minutes it got changed. Pakhi’s parents came and gave their blessing to Virat and Sai. Virat thanked Pakhi for helping Sai to get ready for the party. Someone at the party taunted that Virat has married a very young girl. Ashwini said, Sai not to react.

Ashwini gave little money to Pakhi and said she to distribute among the poor in the name of Sai and Virat. Pakhi went into the corner and stood still. Karishma came and taunted Pakhi by saying that she would find it difficult to do this and took the money from her and said she will do it on behalf of her. After that Pakhi’s parents came and said, her to act maturely.

Baba said to Sai to touch the feet of the guests. Sai said respect is from within, so she can not touch everyone’s feet present over here. Bhavini came and said this girl is having a tongue like a scissor. Everyone started forcing Sai to do as Baba said. Virat took a stand for Sai and asked Baba that really respect means to touch someone’s feet. Bhavini stopped Virat arguing with Baba for Sai. Bhavini said it’s not Sai’s fault it’s the fault of her upbringing.

Sai said, Bhavini not to say anything against her father. Omkar came and said, Bhavini not to argue with this girl. Sai said he has not completed it yet. Everyone was Shocked to see Sai talking like this. Bhavini said, Virat to keep his wife within limits, but Virat said, Bhavini that she should not say anything about Kamal sir. Bhavini said she knows very well Ashwini has provoked her against them. Pakhi came forward and said, Sai not to argue with elders like this. Sai said she, not the only one who is creating a scene.

Bhavini said she will not stay anymore in this house and left from there. Sai stopped her and said if she leaves, then other family members will take her belongings, which they like. Bhavini said she is not going anywhere and said everyone not to enter her room. Sai requested Bhavini for a selfie, but she was refusing her.

Virat praised Sai for handling the situation like a pro. Ashwini also was happy with the reaction of Sai.

Episode end

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