Namak Issk ka 8 December 2020 Written Update – Yug execrates stage dancers

At the beginning of the episode, Yug was returning with his nephew, who asked him why he is marrying here as he can Marry in Mumbai also. Harsh noticed Payal and asked Yug that to whom this belongs. Yug says he is also interested to know by recalling Chamcham dance moves.

Everyone was excited as Chamcham was coming for her performance. Yug stopped his car and asked one of them for what reason there is so much crowd. Quickly Harsh came out of the car and went to see. Yug followed him and went to the stage where accidentally dropped that Payal. Yug was about to pick suddenly Chamcham came and moved her feet and asked him to make them wear to her. Yug gets angry seeing her as a dancer and went off. Then Chamcham starts her dance, and Yug was angrily staring at her. As Yug was going and Chamcham cloth went in the air and settled on his head, then he removed and towed away.

Then they went to welcome Neelawati and bring her back home. Sweety touched her feet and welcomed her.

Chamcham was going with money in her hand suddenly she came across Thakur who requested him to give her his phone and said he would save her personal number. Then she asked him what he will do after seeing her personal dance.

Yug’s elder brother came and cracked a few jokes with them. Badi Amma came and welcomed Neelawati. Yug asked Badi amma how could she be so happy after so much happened. Badi Amma said being happy is tax-free. Then she requested a selfie. 2 men came and waved their heads and signaled Neelawati.

Neelawati came out and meet a man who was asking for money from her and said she would not pick Thakur Ji’s call then he has to come with his message. Neelawati said, him to pick a card from the deck, then he picked the wrong card, and Neelawati pushed her, and he fell from the balcony.

Rupa came to Yug and asked why he is not happy with his engagement. Then Rupa asked her the reason for his bad mood. Then Yug said yesterday he failed to recognize a dancer and said because of an expert 15 years back, they lost everything, so this time he will not allow any dancer to come in contact with him and her family.

Chamcham went back home and found lucky was not well and feeling good. Chamcham said Lucky not to worry about anything as she is there. Yug gave an engagement ring to Priest and asked him to place it Infront of God accidentally ring feel down, and Chamcham catches it and give it back to Priest, but Yug took that and said this ring is no purer and throws into the fire.

Episode end

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