Qurbaan Hua 9 December 2020 Written Update : Chahat came across his father

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was asking Chahat that how is he looking after a haircut, suddenly someone called Chahat inside the cabin where the doctor said, Chahat will be failing her as she is not having any experience in the stitching department. Chahat said she waited for a long time did not get any patient. Suddenly Neel came and said, the doctor not to fail her as he will arrange patient for her and started banging his head on the wall Chahat stopped her, but then, blood started coming out, and Neel requested her to stitch her wounds. Chahat hands were severing while cleaning the blood, Neel makes Chahat hear his heartbeats using a statoscope. The doctor came and praised her work and advised her to move to the next room for the test. Neel said to Chahat that I was Pretty sure Chahat would never fail.

The chemist came to Vyas Ji’s house for the monthly bill, but Godhmbari started arguing with him and said we haven’t consumed so many medicines. Alekh came and enquired about the situation and got know to know that many medicines were sent to Bhupender house Alekh thought of going yo his house and get to know about the medicine.

The doctor introduced Chahat to a depressed patient having a small baby. Chahat was holding her baby in her hand, and the baby started crying. Chahat was about to give a baby to the patient, but the doctor said she is not in a stable condition, but Chahat said, the doctor that mother connection is from within. Neel heard this and thought that if Dr. Baigh would see Chahat in trouble, then he can recover soon. Chahat got good marks and was returning and thinking that she will go home and reveal the truth to Vyas Ji.

Neel called Bhupender and said to him that he will make a video call and make sure that Dr. Baigh watches it. Chahsy came to Neel and was about to say something, but Neel said, her to do his work first. Neel took her to the room and said, her to act like I am torturing you. Chahat was a little confused, but she agreed. Neel made a video call to Dr. Baigh, and watching Chahat in trouble Dr. Baigh shouted her name, and Chahat heard and asked Neel who was there. Neel said, come with me, and took her with him. Dr. Baigh started panicking and was willing to go to Chahat. Alekh went inquiry that whom Chahat is trying to help. Bhupender was trying to stop Dr. Baigh, but he was forced to let him go.

Neel was taking Chahat to Dr. Baigh. Somehow Dr. Baigh escaped from there by scaring Bhupender. Vyas Ji called Alekh and called him back home as there was an important meeting. Chahat insisted Neel to watch a video, but Neel said first we will go to a place. Chahat sat down there and said everything is over. Neel said, her to stop crying and asked her what happened? Dr. Baigh was running on the roads with a knife. Dr.baigh came across Neel and Chahat and went near him and was about to stab Bhupender shouted and alerted him. Chahat held Dr. Baigh hands and turned down.

Episode end

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