Kumkum bhagya 9 December 2020 Written Update : Abhi wants to marry Meera

At the beginning of the episode when Pragya says maybe Meera is like Tanu then Abhi says no Meera is not like Tanu. She used to take care of their daughter and a very honest woman. She even likes him without any expectations while Tanu was a money-minded person and pursued him for money only.

Pragya gets irritated. She tells fine then marries Meera. Abhi says we lay in this position because of you, you fine case against Riya and hurt her. Thus she made a demand like so. Pragya tells her she can never do this but he always likes to misunderstand her. Abhi tells the policeman told him that it was she who did it and top that only she was the one who knows about this matter.

Pragya becomes sad and starts crying. While Abhi asks then why didn’t she take FIR back. He says he was the one who takes back his daughter from jail. She ask if Riya is only his daughter? Abhi says yes. There, Sarita asks God to help Pragya and Abhi. Sahana says Riya hates them both, she will never forgive them. While she can’t see their pain. Her eyes become moist while Sarita tries to calm her down.

Abhi lashes that Pragya only love Prachi. Pragya says no, you’re wrong. Abhi asks then why to let Prachi crossed her limits in front of Riya. Pragya tells she didn’t know about it. Prachi didn’t say anything in front of her. Maybe she was so angry thus she lashed out at Riya. Abhi tells Aliya was right, you only care about Prachi, not Riya. Thus she never comes back even when her daughter needs her the most. Pragya got frustrated, she asks him to accuse her more if he wants that.

Abhi tells come in his engagement. He adds he will marry Meera for Riya as she loves her more than her. Pragya says fine, she will come. She leaves with a broken heart. Aliya and Mitali talking about Abhi. Aliya what if Abhi breaks this marriage. Even Meera is different from Tanu thus she needs to make more plans. Pallavi is about to her leave the hospital while Dr tells Ranbir never hurt his mother as she not yet stable. Ranbir nods. And then they leave the hospital.

Sahana asks Prachi if she thinks Abhi opposes Riya’s wish. Prachi says she is his daughter too. So he will think about her too. Sahana says today Pragya went to meet him. That’s when Pragya came with moist eyes. They feel something wrong. Pallavi comes back to her house. She feels good. Aryan comes and meets Pallavi. He then notices distrusted Ranbir. He goes behind him. There Mitali asks Aliya to downstairs. She comes. While Abhi tells everyone that he wants to marry Meera for Riya. Dadi is shocked. While Aliya feels happy.

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