Choti Sarrdaarni 8 December 2020 Written Update – Aditi burst out of anger at Vikram

At the beginning of the episode, Sarabjeet insisted Aditi put her knife down, but Aditi was very much aggressive. Aditi said Meher hid such a thing from me and destroyed my whole life. Aditi said she had done a crime, and I will punish her for that. Meher pushed her hand and escaped from her trap. Harleen started shouting at her for doing such a thing. Meher said to Harleen not to say anything to her as it’s casual everyone will react like this. Meher joined her hand and said she has no relationship with Vikram it was just past, which died a long ago.

Meher cried and requested Aditi to believe her and forgive me for everything. Aditi said you are having Vikram’s child, and her past is still connected to her. Aditi shouted and said she will not forgive her and picked that knife again. Sarabjeet grasped her hand and tried to stop her. Aditi sat down and started feeling guilty for her life. Sarabjeet and Harleen tried to convince her. Everyone felt sad and got tears in their eyes. Aditi broke her relationship with Sarabjeet and went off from there. Sarabjeet held his head and felt bad for her.

Vikram was talking with her mom and advising her to take medicines on time. Aditi came and slapped Vikram and shouted at him for hiding the truth from her and asked him to reply why he did that with her. Sarabjeet went to Meher and said, her to stop crying and to stop overthinking. Sarabjeet gave her an assurance that after some time, Aditi will understand our situation and forgive us.

Pathak was feeling happy for his success of the plan against Meher and said in tomorrow’s paper it will be a headline that Meher failed to complete her duty. Robbie asked Pathak that why he is troubling the whole family as he has grudge against Sarabjeet.

Aditi started throwing things here and there, and she was continuously asking Vikram that why he did this with her. Kulwant went to the police station and inquired why the police had arrested her family members. Kulwant grasped the collar of the police and said to him how he dares to arrest her family members. Police ordered the constable to put Kulwant behind the bars.

Vikram said he did not share because he was in doubt that Aditi will understand him or not. Aditi said, Vikram to leave her alone for some time. Meher and Saeabjiu were recalling Aditi’s words while sleeping. Aditi was watching Karan’s pic and understood why Vikram showed special interest in Karan. Vikram came and asked Aditi that why did not sleep yet. Same question Aditi asked Vikram.

Episode end

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