Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8 December 2020 Written Update : Kabir’s another plan

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima tells Dadi that Vansh has been dead in the reports, they will have to do everything right by signing the papers back. Aryan says that if everyone signed, one has to stand in line to get the sign on a single check. Kabir makes a plan. He says there is a ritual that they should perform for Ishani since she is pregnant. Dadi agrees. Riddhima finds it strange. Further, Riddhima packs some toys. Vihaan says what is she doing.

Riddhima says that Vansh used to hide these toys from Ishani because he wanted Ishani to play with him. He had decided that he would give Ishani back these as a gift, so she is packing it so that the sweet things of childhood can come in Ishani’s mind. Vihaan taunts Riddhima saying she knows how to implicate people in sweet talks. Riddhima gets irritated and asks him to keep his mouth shut. Riddhima starts going from there but slips and falls into Vihaan’s arms.

Vihaan says does she want to spend the whole evening here. Riddhima stands up and leaves from there. There Aryan instigates Ishani that Riddhima takes Vansh hamshakal to get money. Ishani says but in the Basketball match they saw how Vansh won. Chanchal says and also the sign of Vansh. Aryan says that once Ishani tried to sign like him then anyone else can do it.

There, an unknown man signs like Vansh. Ishani comes to the Vansh’s room. And looks at the signed paper. She decides that she will bring this thing to everyone. Vihaan becomes ready ahead. He thinks which perfume he should put. Riddhima says the black one because Vansh used to use the same. Vihaan praises Riddhima. Riddhima misses her husband. Vihaan says is she missing her husband again. Riddhima does not say anything. There Kabir puts poison in the urn to learn Ishani’s lesson.

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