Shakti 8 December 2020 Written Update : Heer wears Kinnar avatar

At the beginning of the episode, Tejinder asks Angel what she wants to do. Angel asks her to keep calm as she will soon reveal her pawn. She says according to her Heer and Virat still didn’t share their wedding night. So they will have to bring this thing up. Even soon Heer reveals her true self in front of everyone. Tejinder smirks.

Later Angel meets Heer. Heer is cooking sweets for Simran. Angel asks why so many dishes. Heer tells she is making all this for Simran and Rohan. They are coming for Simran’s pagphera. She then asks if her marriage is a love marriage. Heer says yes. Angel says it means now their love faded after marriage as she can say by seeing her that she is still pure. Heer gets shocked. She asks her to keep her mouth shut. Angel says if she wants then she can help her. She adds by putting a bit of makeup on her face. Heer agrees.

She takes Heer with her to her room. She takes makeup stuff too. While Tejinder is watching them and smirks. There, Rohan and Simran come to Sant’s house with their households. Parmeet welcomes them. She asks Simran if she is happy in her Sasural. Simran says nothing. Rohan asks her not to worry about Simran he will take full care of her. Parmeet smiles. Rohan goes and sits on a sofa. Parmeet says Rohan looks like a good man. She asks Simran if her in-laws are good. Simran taunts her and leaves her side. Parmeet is upset.

There Angel gets ready Heer. She put makeup on her face. Make her wear big bindi and gold jewels. While Preeto asks Parmeet where is Heer. Parmeet says maybe she is getting ready. There, Heer is ready. She wants to see herself in the mirror. But Angel breaks the mirror. She tells her that she is looking so pretty and she has no need to see the mirror. She asks her to go and meet her family. Heer goes downstairs.

Angels say now spectacle will happen. She counts one, two, three. And Heer asks Virat how she is looking. Everyone shock to see Heer. She looks like a Kinnar. Angel laughs and asks if their Heer looks pretty in Kinnar avtar. Virat is about to slap her but then stop himself. He asks her to leave his house. While Heer asks what happened. Parmeet shows her mirrors. Heer is shocked. She scolds Angel. And Parmeet and Virat ask her to leave their home.

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