Barrister babu 8 December 2020 written update : Anirudh faces a hard time

At the beginning of the episode, Binoy makes Anirudh understand that Mini can put more stones in their paths so they have to be careful. Anirudh says right, but he will never support discrimination in their house so from now on he and Bondita will also eat on the same petal plates. Trilochan is upset. Bondita comes to the girls and asks them a make a place for her as she is going to sleep with her. Ilaichi thinks if Bondita will sleep with them then how will she divide the team.

She watches Mini’s brooch and thinks she has to do something. Ahead, Girls arrives in class. Anirudh tells them that he will again take their test. Anirudh asks some questions to girls. Most of the girls answer Anirudh accept Suraiya and Ilaichi. Later they notice broken glass. Mini throws stone at Anirudh’s house. She even sends a latter with the stone. In which it is written only three days left.

This makes Anirudh upset. He asks girls to come back and focuses on their studies. While Suraiya is still laughing. Anirudh scolds her and gives her punishment. He asks her to clean all the vessels. Suraiya is shocked. Later, Anirudh is upset. Bondita asks him to be happy. Anirudh asks her to focus on her studies as they only have three days. And if they study hard then this will make him happy.

After a little break, Anirudh comes back to the classroom. He asks Suraiya if she completes her punishment. Suraiya shows her black hands and says yes she did it. Anirudh asks Bondita to bring the book. But Bondita didn’t find the book. She notices that latter which she kept with books.

Anirudh and Bondita notice that there is some black color on the latter. Anirudh suspects Suraiya as only her hands have black colors. He asks her to bring back the book. Suraiya tells but she didn’t have it. Anirudh asks Ramiya to check Suraiya’s stuff. She does the same but didn’t find it. They then find the book in Bondita’s room. Suraiya and other girls ask Anirudh to give Bondita punishment. But Anirudh says he will not as he has full faith in Bondita. This makes Heera mandi girls upset. While Ilaichi is happy as she is one who created this fuss. Bondita says she didn’t hide the book but if they still want to give them punishment then she has no problems.

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