Barrister Babu 8 November 2021 written update – Bondita learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan was happy that Malika left the Roy Chaudhary mansion. Suddenly Bondita came and asked Batuk how Malika can leave without acknowledging us. He told her she doesn’t need to bother for her and focus on herself. She asked if she said anything before leaving. Batuk told her that Batuk denied coming to Tulsipur so she left from here. Trilochan said it’s good that she left from here as here she was only jealous of their relationship. Bondita said she think there was something fishy. Batuk tries to change the topic by saying that she has to visit the doctor and he won’t be able to come with her.

Bondita was feeling weird and she feels like they are hiding something from her. She heard the telephone ringing and went to attend to it. The flood relief camping people informed her that they got more stuff from Anirudh so collect it from here. Trilochan tells he sent Sampurna and Bihari to market now. He says now they can start the funeral puja for Anirudh and no one would disturb them.

Bondita went to collect the stuff of Anirudh. He told her to sign on the register. She was shocked to see the late Anirudh Rou Chowdary’s name on the register. She asks why it is written like this as he came back alive. He informed her that the fishermen who got his stuff confirmed that they saw Anirudh’s body floating away. Trilochan and Batuk were performing the puja.

Bondita made a call to the court but she got to know that Anirudh didn’t come to court for the last six months. Bondita got panic and calls in the mansion. Batuk get’s annoyed and puts the receiver aside. Trilochan says Anirudh’s soul should rest in peace. Bondita gets shocked hearing this and puts down the call. She took Anirudh’s stuff and went off from there.

Anirudh’s hands went trembling and he was willing to write a letter. While going back Bondita misses Anirudh and the past moments spent with him. Anirudh writes two letters and the men tell him that soon he will get recovered. Bondita came back home and cries seeing Anirudh’s photo. She thinks if Anirudh is not alive then who is he staying with us.

The doctor informed Batuk that Bondita is not mentally happy. He told him that he will do anything for her good health. Bihari gives a locket to Bondita which Malika left behind. She figured out that something is wrong. She went to the room and searches for any proof. She got a passport of Bhatuk and saw he looks alike Anirudh. Then she got to know that the person who is living with us is Batuk, not Anirudh.

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