Bhagya Lakshmi 25 November 2021 written update – Karishma spoils Lakshmi’s dress

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi says she has never eaten such nice PINNIS. Virendra says it is because there is love in them. Rishi also praise them. Neelam and Karishma look at Rishi. Ayush drops Rano and Shalu home. Rano asks him to come inside, but he says he is getting late. Shalu says he should go, so he says he will come in.

Malishka goes to Rishi’s house. Lakhsmi says she got a little late else she could have had dinner with them. Dadi and Virendra tell her that Rishi had Lakshmi’s PINNI and praised them too. Malishka says she did not come there for dinner. She says something about Viraj. Rishi says she is getting too friendly with Viraj. Malishka says he is married now, so he is not available for her anymore. Lakshmi says getting married does not mean old friendships will fizzle out. Rishi and Malishka argue. Lakhsmi asks why they are arguing. Malishka says it is because of her that Rishi left her.

Rano tells Neha to put lipstick and get ready for Ayush. Ayush asks Neha to say thank you to Rano for saving him. Rano scolds Shalu. Shalu tells all that had happened. Neha screams at Shalu. Shalu says it is their personal matter. Shalu says she would have saved him after a little pat on the wrist. Rano asks Neha to make something sweet for Ayush, but he says he has to go.

Malishka says Rishi left her in an important meeting saying he has to go to Lakshmi. Viraj comes home bearing gifts. Rishi does not like that he came. Lakshmi offers him ice cream. Viraj invites all of them for his grandfather’s birthday celebration. Neelam says they cannot go as their close friend’s daughter is getting married on the same day. Viraj asks if at least some of them can come. Viraj asks if Rishi, Lakshmi and Ayush can come for the party. Malishka tells that they have to come dressed up as some movie actor as it is a theme party. Viraj and Malishka leave.

Lakshmi suggests that they dress up as Heer-Ranjha. Dadi sees that Karishma is watching them, so she thinks she must be planning something. Karishma and Soniya plan not to let Lakshmi’s plan succeed. Karishma says they will destroy Lakshmi’s Heer costume at the last minute so that she cannot be Heer but Malishka will be Heer.

Malishka complains to Kiran that Lakshmi has more rights on Rishi than her. Kiran tells her that she is behaving like an obsessed lover and a spoilt child. Malishka says she knows Rishi’s heart is hers but she does not want him to care for Lakshmi. Karishma calls Kiran and tells her to dress Malishka as Heer and shares her plan.

Rishi hesitates to wear Ranjha costume but Lakshmi tells him that this will be unique. Lakshmi sees her costume and it is torn. Soniya had cut the dress when Lakshmi was not in her room. Karishma and Soniya ask why Lakshmi is still not ready. They tell her to hurry. Lakshmi says she will take a little time.

Kiran tells Malishka that she is looking very pretty. Viraj calls her Simran, but Malishka tells that she has dressed up as Heer. Kiran asks for his grandfather. Viraj says he is the star of the evening, so he will take time. His grandfather comes and meets guests. Kiran and Malishka wish him. Dadu asks where Malishka’s father, Abhay is. Kiran tells that they are divorced. Dadu says he has dressed up as Amitabh Bachchan from KKKG. Kiran is shocked to see Abhay.

Episode ends