Bhagya Lakshmi 27 September 2021 written update – Rishi plans a dinner date for Lakshmi

At the beginning of the episode, Ayush drops the Bajwa family. Bani and Rano thank him and get out while Neha and Shalu stay back. Ayush wonders if Neha will tell everyone about Rishi and Malsihka. Ayush gets out, so Neha also gets out. Ayush tells her to get out as her stop as come. Rano tells Neha to call Ayush in for tea. Neha tells Ayush the same. Shalu says he is getting late for the office. Ayush says he has time and goes in. Rano says their house is small, but their hearts are large. She tells Shalu to make tea.

Malishka tells Sumit that she is staying there only. Rishi comes and tells her that Lakshmi knows about the dinner date and she will expect it now. Soniya asks her to make an excuse, but Rishi says he cannot lie to her. Malishka says what is the big deal in it. Rishi says Lakshmi does so much for him, so this is the least he can do for her. Malishka says he is just sulking and he can never love anyone else.

Rano asks Ayush if he works with Rishi and gets a salary. Ayush says they are partners so profit gets shared. Ayush makes an excuse to drink water and goes to the kitchen. Rano scolds Neha for talking in Hindi.

Rishi thinks he is awkward when he is alone with Lakshmi. He says he loves Malishka and is doing everything for her. Rishi tells the staff to decorate his room for candlelight dinner. Karishma hears this and asks why he is doing it. Rishi says Shalu told Lakshmi and she will feel bad if he does not plan anything. Rishi says Lakshmi is a very genuine girl and cares for everyone. He says this is the least he can do after what Lakshmi did for him. He says he never wanted to cheat Lakshmi, but they did not let him tell her the truth.

Shalu tells Ayush that he is saving Ayush from the wrong girls. Ayush tells her there is no need, as he likes attention from girls. They argue again. Ayush asks Shalu why she is trying to impress him by making tea unless she loves him.

Rishi says he feels guilty. Karishma asks him if he has started liking Lakshmi. Rishi says he knew he cannot explain this to her. Rishi sees Lakshmi planting Tulsi. He pours water for her to wash their hands. They set the Tulsi plant together. Lakshmi thanks him. Lakshmi says Rishi is becoming like her. She says he has also started nodding her head like her. Lakshmi says he talked a lot earlier, but now he stays quiet. Rishi says he has some stress. Lakshmi asks him what is stressing him. Rishi says he has done something very wrong to somebody. Lakshmi asks him to apologize. Rishi asks her to forgive him. Lakshmi is surprised.

Shalu kicks Ayush’s leg while giving tea. Ayush screams. Rano scolds Shalu. Ayush tells her to let it go. Rano tells Neha to talk to him. Ayush likes the tea but says it is horrible. Bani says it is nice. Ayush says this tea is not as good as Lakshmi’s. Shalu says she also loves everything Lakshmi makes, just like her mother. Ayush says her tea is amazing and drinks it in one gulp and burns himself.

Rishi remembers that Neelam asked him to never tell Lakshmi about the real reason he married her. Rishi says sorry to Lakshmi that he has not been behaving normally with her. Lakshmi says it is no big deal, sometimes she thought he does not like her but his eyes tell that he likes her. She says he can never be away from her. Lakshmi says she trusts him more than herself. She becomes emotional. Rishi says she looks better smiling.

Episode ends