Kundali bhagya 27 September 2021 written update – Rishabh discovers his business is suffering from loss

At the beginning of the episode, Karan tells Kritika that Preeta has become very smart ever since she is the daughter-in-law of this house. He then wishes Mahesh a morning. Mahesh says how can he wish morning at the time of dinner. Rishabh brings Pihu ahead. She is asleep. Sonakshi says that she will drop Pihu in her room. But Rishabh refuses. Here Karan is fighting with Preeta that why did she lie to Kritika.

Rakhi asks what lie. He tells that when Preeta was scolding him, Kritika came there and Preeta lied to her that she was not fighting with him. Rakhi tells Karan that it is not Preeta’s fault in this. After this Rakhi and Mahesh also get into a fight. Mahesh says that all this happened because of Karan. He leaves from there to console Rakhi. Preeta tells Karan that she should not tell everything to everyone.

At the same time, Vinita comes to look after Pihu. Mahesh asks how did she get late. She tells that it was the Ganesh festival so she got late. Whereas Preeta tells Karan that she earlier thought that he talks nonsense because he considers himself so smart. But now she has come to know that he does such things because he is mad. Karan makes faces. Further, they see that Pihu is still playing.

Pihu tells Karan and Preeta that she is going to Rishabh. Preeta says that she will drop her till Rishabh’s room but Pihu asks her to stay with Karan. Here Rishabh is shocked to see that his business is suffering. Sherlyn feels that Prithvi is doing all this. Sonakshi sees Pihu and asks her where is she going. She tells that she is going to Rishabh.

Sonakshi says that she will go with her. She refuses. While Kareena tells Vinita to go after Pihu. Sonakshi thinks that soon Kareena and the whole family will like her. Here Srishti calls Sameer and tells him that Sarla wants to get her married. Then Sarla comes there. Srishti hangs up the phone. Sameer thinks that Srishti cannot be married to someone else.

Pihu goes to Rishabh. Sherlyn tells Vinita that Pihu will sleep with her today and she should tell this to Karan and Preeta. She says fine and tells this to Preeta. Preeta feels that Pihu will not sleep at night without her. Whereas it happens as Preeta says. Pihu comes to Preeta at night. Here Sarla asks Srishti who she was talking to. Srishti says that she was talking to her new friend.

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