Balika Vadhu 2 27 September 2021 written update – Anandi gets injured

At the beginning of the episode, Premji and Sejal get upset seeing Anandi’s condition. Sejal says that when Ratan comes to know about this, how bad will she think about her. She feels that she is not a good mother. Premji says that she should not blame herself as it is not his fault. He thinks that he should talk to Madiba tomorrow so that she gets on well with Anandi. He feels that Madiba will understand his point.

The next morning, Madiba asks Sejal for hot water. Anandi asks if she is not feeling well. Sejal tells that her stomach is constipated. Anandi gives her a tablet of black salt. She says that this will make her stomach alright. As soon as Madiba mixes that pill in water, then her stomach gets well. Madiba asks her if this black salt pill will be found here. She says yes. Premji says that all is well between Madiba and Anandi.

Anandi comes there and tells Premji that she wants to go to her house. SHe is missing everyone. Premji says that as soon as Madiba leaves, he will take her from her house. Anandi leaves from there. Further, Premji tells Sejal that he feels that he should not let Anandi go from here. Sejal is shocked. She says that he cannot do this. Premji does not understand her point.

Here Kadviba comes to meet Anandi. She learns that Anandi is still in Premji’s house. Kadviba does not like this. Here Anandi thinks that she should play with Kanku. But Devali invites her to her. She says that Anandi should play with her. She is about, to tell the truth of marriage to Anandi. But Bapuji comes there and slaps Devali for her mistake.

He warns her not to even try to do such a wrong thing in the future. Further, Premji informs everyone that he has won the pending case of his property. Premji says that maybe all this happened because of Anandi. He adds that as soon as she came home everything was fine. Madiba says that then he should thank her Thakur Ji. There Kalpesh is about, to tell the truth to Kadviba but Ratan stops him.

Here Madiba and Devraj are talking about the stick that Gandhiji gave to Devraj’s grandfather. Anandi wants to touch the stick but Madiba tells her to stay away from the stick. Further, Anandi comes to Jigar and asks him if she can play with him. Jigar throws the ball towards her which goes on Anandi’s head. Jigar apologizes to Anandi and says that he did not do this intentionally. Devali touches her injured area due to which Anandi feels pain. While Madiba warns Anandi not to play with Jigar from today onwards.