Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 25th november 2022 Written Update

At the beginning,  Virat telling Chavans about his decision regarding enrolling Vinayak in the same school as of Savi. Pakhi gets shocked by his decision and confronts him for not taking her opinion before deciding about their son’s future. She gets angry at him and declares that she won’t send her son away from his school and proclaims that it is the best school of Nagpur, in which Vinayak is studying. Virat reveals that Sai is enrolling Savi into his school and assures that Vinayak will also get proper education there. He tries to convince Pakhi and states that Vinayak doesn’t have any friends in his class.

Here, Virat tells Pakhi that when Vinayak and Savi will be together in the same school and class, then they will be happy. He states that they will get close together, while Pakhi glares at him being mad. She denies to accept his decision and states that he is only thinking about Savi since the day he found out that she is his own daughter.

Bhavani shows her support towards Pakhi and says that she is right. She also states that Virat has gone mad in showering his love and care towards Savi. Whereas, Virat confronts Pakhi and tells that why she is behaving like Sai? He notify how Sai denied to get Savi admitted in the same school as of Vinayak and declared to send her to his school.

Elsewhere, Pakhi becomes furious and ask Virat not to compare her with Sai. She states that she doesn’t want to know what the latter has said or done to him. She proclaims that she only cares about her son and declares that his future will good in his own school and he doesn’t need to shift to some other school, just because Savi is studying there.

Virat declares his decision and states that he won’t change it for anyone. He announces his verdict and goes away from there while Pakhi gets teary eyes. Meanwhile, Sai brings new school uniform along with others stuffs for Savi. She tries to cheer her daughter up but the latter stays angry and upset. At that time she gets a video call from Vinayak and picks it up.

Ahead, Vinayak teases her and then states that he have a good news. Sai ask Savi not to misbehave with Vinayak while the latter shows his school form to her. She questions that what he is doing with her school form? To which he tells that he will also get admission in the same school. The latter gets elated while Sai becomes shocked. She reconfirms it from Vinayak and then gets worried about the decision.

Mohit gets inside his room and recalls seeing Karishma with a guy. He tries to check her phone while at that time she comes there and scolds him. He makes up an excuse about finding his phone, while she shows it to him. He talks about their marriage and reminds that how much they used to love each other. She says that he can’t see how much he has changed, while he denies her allegations and confronts about her affair. He also states that how their family will react after finding about it while she gets silent.

Further, Pakhi lashes out at her staffs for taking decisions without her permission while Virat sees her and feels bad. He apologizes for his mistake while she denies to send Vinayak to Savi’s school. She accuses him for concentrating more on Savi rather then Vinayak and ask why he haven’t taken the decision earlier? Later, Ashwini and Ninad also tries to make Pakhi understand but the latter tells them about her perspective. They denies her accusations while she stays firm on her decision.

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