Imlie 25th November 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, The episode starts with Peter asking Imlie where is his wife. Peter’s wife says her dress needs to be dry cleaned. Akash requests Peter to let her wife for stay back. Peter criticises his wife saying she always embarasses him. Imlie brings Peter’s wife and Peter gets impressed seeing his wife in saree.

He says they are not leaving but they will stay here tomorrow for lunch too. He says Nina will be with him too. Imlie says Nina won’t go with Peter. Peter says who are you to decide that? Imlie explains in broken English that Peter can’t use Nina for his benefit. He should respect his wife. Arto and Rudra both support Imlie. Akash tells Rudra to stop Imlie else they will lose the deal. Rudra asks him to take a lesson from Imlie.

Peter insults Imlie by calling her a servant. He tells her to stop lecturing. Imlie says without servants we are nothing and Peter also can’t do anything without servants. She says being servant is not bad, it’s a respectful job. She also taunts him for not being self sufficient. Peter pushes Imlie away being angry. Arto holds Imlie and asks her if she is fine. Arto asks Peter to behave else he won’t be quite.

Arto sides with Imlie saying she always thinks about her loved ones. She never stays silent seeing injustice. He says he would have taken stand for a servant too but Imlie is his wife. Peter gets shocked knowing that Imlie is Arto’s wife. Arto says Peter should be thankful to Imlie as she taught him a lot today.

Nina thanks Imlie saying the latter taught her to take a stand for herself. She praises Imlie and Rudra says they are lucky to get Imlie as their daughter in law. Nina says Peter will never respect her and she doesn’t want to choose him anymore. She is about to leave but Peter pleads her to stop. He apologises to Imlie for his misbehavior and asks for one more chance from Nina. He hugs Nina and gets happy. Peter signs the deal and Akash congratulates him. Imlie hugs Nina and the guests leave the house.

Chini is irked. Imlie thanks Arto for supporting her. She says she didn’t need Sita Maiya’s help but he solved everything. Anu advises Chini to win the hearts of Ranas. Chini says she is not moral science teacher so she can’t impress Ranas like Imlie. She adds she won’t let Rana’s like Imlie for long. Imlie comes to Chini’s room and Chini cuts the call. Imlie says to her truth always wins. Chini asks her to arrange a family picnic. Imlie says she will do that at home.

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