Hindi Diwas: Celebrities talk about that one saying that they abide by

On September 14, Hindi as a language achieved its official status in India. The day is observed as Hindi Day or Hindi Diwas. On the occasion, celebrities open up about this one saying that they abide by or believe in and why. Read on:

Nivedita Basu:
My favorite saying is ‘Andhere main aankh maari toh kya khaak maari ‘ . I think it’s so relevant to everything which I explain to my associates at my work. It’s like when you do something you make sure that it’s visible to the people in general or your target audience. It’s almost like a marketing thing.

Shehzada Dhami:
I like the saying tere Muh mein Ghee Shakkar. Whenever we want something good to happen we express our intention and this saying expresses the positive intention.

Sumit Khetan
Hearty greetings to all Hindi speaking and Hindi lovers on Hindi Diwas. And talking about my favourite sayings/kahawat in Hindi is definitely Behti Ganga mai haath Dho lo. That is something I totally believe in. I always believe in making use of / drawing to benefit from favorable situations.

Mitu :
“Jab okhli mein sir daala, toh moosal se kya darna”. It applies to all the worst situations in life and makes me feel better, and get out of bad situations well.

Shehzad Shaikh:
I normally use Shaikh apni apni dekh because me and my family have a bad habit of being extremely overly generous with anything and everything we have. Which is why we have to remind ourselves that Shaikh apni apni dekh . And har ghar ki kahani hoti hai ki outside your home, you may be a superstar but at home you’re dal barabar(laughs) and it will never change. So yes, Ghar ki murgi daal barabar is also one of the favourites. It’s the story of my life sometimes.(laughs).

Sumit Kaul:
As a child, I was fixated on what had happened in the past, especially if things had not gone as per expectations. I had a Hindi teacher I looked up to, and with whom I shared my concerns sometimes. I remember she would always tell me “रात गयी बात गयी”। It was always difficult to accept that and make it a part of my life. But when I finally did accept it, life became smooth. And since then I have become more grateful for what I have and my relationships with people around me improved tremendously. This is my way of thanking her since it also was Teacher’s Day a few days back.