Imlie 19th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Narmada tells Imlie that with her exit Rathores lost their peace and happiness. Arpita says Malini is now their business partner and Aryan can’t even handle himself properly so how will he tackle the business? They are telling this to Imlie because Bhaskar Times matters a lot to her. Narmada says they won’t stop Imlie but she believes Aryan and Imlie will get united. Malini says she booked two tickets for Imlie and Chini and she will send them to Pagdandiya at any cost.

Imlie leaves with Chini and then Malini gives her the tickets. Imlie says instead of doing something to save Bhaskar Times, she bought tickets for her. She is more afraid of Imlie rather than losing the company. Imlie stops suddenly before leaving and tears the ticket. She faces Malini saying Bhaskar Times is not just a business for her but an emotion. She will not let anyone destroy it, she will make sure it gets saved from careless people, the enemies.

Rathores get happy to hear about Imlie’s decision and they hug her. Anu tells Malini that this is not right, Imlie can’t stay here. Malini tells everyone that they are again taking a stupid decision and allowing Imlie to stay which is affecting Aryan’s mental health. This will affect her business too which she won’t tolerate.

They forgot Aryan lost his child because of Imlie. Arpita shuts her up saying they didn’t forget how Imlie and Aryan exposed Malini so she should not utter a word against Imlie. Aryan stops their argument and goes to Imlie. He tells her he will never forgive her for Cheeku’s death. She can’t stay here. Narmada says but Aryan forgot that because of his wrong decision their happiness got ruined and the mansion still belongs to her so she will decide Imlie will stay here or not.

Aryan says he will keep hating Imlie, she can’t fix anything. Imlie says she will also maintain the difference between them. Imlie tells Malini and Anu to leave as it’s night. Anu says she has no right to ask them to leave as they are business partners of Rathores. Imlie says they can talk about business matters in the daytime not now. She says she is the daughter-in-law of the house and Malini or Anu should not forget that. She can decide things that they can’t.

Arpita and Sundar get happy to see Imlie’s confidence. Malini gets angry and says she will never let Imlie stay happily with Aryan as she snatched Aditya from her. Imlie looks for Chini and she gets inside Aryan’s room. She notices the anklet in his wallet and sees them. Aryan comes behind her and says he still remembers her and she feels happy. She is about to say she also misses him but he adds her mistakes, her fake promises, and carelessness these are enough for him to remember her.

Chini thinks about why Imlie and Aryan always fight with each other, she prays to Sita Maiya. Arpita says Sits Maiya won’t ignore her as she is sweet. Arpita says Aryan and Imlie like to argue with each other but they fall in love in that process too. Aryan asks Imlie again why she came back into his life as now nothing belongs to her here. She won’t get back anything she lost. He snatches the anklet from her. Imlie’s tear falls on his hand.

Precap- Imlie asks Aryan why he created a scene in the office. That was not necessary. Aryan says she won’t understand his suffering, what he has lost in the last few years. She says who will understand if she can’t. Why does he feel so? He says she can’t make things normal like before. He has moved on and he won’t be the same person he used to be earlier.

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