Imlie 24th November 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, the guests assuming Imlie as the maid of the house. Akash stops Arto’s brother from clearing their doubts. Chini acts like being Rana’s daughter in law when the guests assume that she might be Arto’s wife. Imlie feels weird and takes Chini aside. She asks Chini why the latter didn’t tell the guests that she is not Arto’s wife. Chini replies what happened to Imlie’s fashion sense, why she is looking like homeless. She makes Imlie believe it’s about Rudra’s business, they should not anger the guests. Imlie thinks Chini is right as they can’t take risk by upsetting the guests.

Atharv comes to meet the guests and Chini sits beside him on the couch. Arto asks her why she is creating confusion in front of the guests as if they are husband and wife. Chini interacts with the guests and Arto feels strange. There Imlie works in the kitchen, Divya taunts her saying Imlie is jinx so she should stay away from the guests. Imlie blindfolds herself and Divya’s hand gets burnt. Imlie teaches her that being superstitious is wrong, they should have modern thinking. She closed her eyes but still Divya got hurt so it’s not her jinx’s fault.

Chini talks about serving alcohol to the guests but Rudra says he won’t allow alcohol in his house. Kia and Akash bring wine and they make Rudra understand guests are modern so they won’t drink juice. Guests ask Imlie to serve them drink which makes Arto wonder why they are treating Imlie as servant. Imlie goes to serve the drink and Chini makes her falter. Imlie spills the wine on the lady’s cloth. Her husband Peter insults Imlie. Akash tells Arto that if Imlie doesn’t have problem with being called as a servant then why do they have problem? Akash says they will suffer huge loss in business if they make Peter upset. Rudra feels Imlie doesn’t deserve all that.

Imlie helps the lady clean her dress. Chini argues with Arto that why does he have issues with Imlie’s insult. Arto asks Chini how can she treat her sister like that. If she any issues then she should sort this out with Imlie, instead of taking revenge. Chini says she knows her sister better than him. He should also stop caring about Imlie. Arto says he cant love her so atleast she can show concern for Imlie. Chini thinks why Arto is caring too much for Imlie. Rathods find a suitable groom for Chini. Rupy says Chini should get a partner who will make her realise she should not snatch things from people.

Arto asks Imlie by touching her hand that if she feels anything. If she does then why she didn’t stop the guests from insulting her. Arto says he cant stand his wife’s insult in his own house. Imlie says she is like bullet proof jacket and such humiliation doesn’t affect her at all. Arto says he doesn’t have patience like Imlie. He will raise his voice if anyone insults her. Imlie gets delighted seeing his care but she stops him saying he should keep quiet for their business profit. Arto doesn’t consider it right.

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