Yeh Hain Chahatein 24th November 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Preesha slaps Joker for his stupid prank. She reminds him that he is in the kid’s birthday party. She threatens to give police complaint against him. Rudraksh asks her to calm down because Joker was just doing his job. He says that Joker don’t know Preesha will do all this to save Armaan. Preesha asks him that why won’t she save Armaan. He asks her to finish the matter and sends Joker from there. Armaan thinks that Rudraksh’s plan was perfect but Preesha ruined it.

Preesha goes to her room. Rudraksh asks her why she risked her life to save Armaan. He asks her that what Armaan has and why Armaan is important for her. She tells him that she don’t want to talk about it. He tells her that her silence proved that only Armaan matters for her. She recalls that how Pihu said that she is pregnant with Rudraksh’s child. She tells him that he also moved on in his life so he can’t question her. She sends him from there and locks the door. She cries saying that she is doing all this for her child. She says that she did not choose Armaan over her family. He thinks that Preesha forgot their love. He feels bad that Preesha choosed Armaan over Khuranas.

Ruhi gets angry that Preesha saved Armaan’s life. Saaransh tells her that Armaan is kid for Preesha. Rudraksh tells his new plan to them. He plans to hide a CCTV camera in Armaan’s room to catch Armaan red-handed. Later, Rudraksh and Saaransh sneak into Armaan’s room. Rudraksh hides a CCTV camera behind painting. They goes to kids room. They watches the CCTV footage whole night. Kids falls asleep.

Next day, Armaan wakes up and gets freshen up. He plays in his room. Ruhi tells Rudraksh that their plan is flop. Digvijay enters Armaan’s room. He gives chocolate to Armaan. Armaan points Digvijay at painting. Rudraksh notices that. He tells Kids that Digvijay know everything about Armaan. Digvijay tells Preesha that he is taking Armaan to activity class. Rudraksh decides to follow them.

Digvijay asks Armaan to stop his acting now. Armaan tells him that Rudraksh hided CCTV camera in his room. He recalls that how he noticed everything yesterday night. He thinks that he won’t let Rudraksh expose him. Digvijay asks him that how Rudraksh got to know the truth. Armaan tells him that Ruhi found first and she told everything to Rudraksh. He informs him that Rudraksh even tried to expose him in the birthday party. He says that he is glad he did not react in the party. He adds that he is becoming mad because he had to act even in his room now. He asks him to go to office. Rudraksh and Saaransh follows them.

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