Imlie 25th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Malini entered the event in disguise as a security guard. She wears a mask so that no one can recognize her. She looks for Anu and notices Aryan who is looking for a network. She turns back to see him and thinks he is calling her. He talks to another person about the phone network and she leaves from there. She bumps into Imlie and the latter tries to say sorry but Malini leaves without talking to her. Malini finds Anu who is irked due to the mud stain on her saree. Anu pushes away Malini but the latter then shows her face. Malini tells her to escape as soon as possible as there’s a bomb in the event. Imlie overhears them and gets shocked.

Imlie thinks she has to find the bomb at any cost. She can’t let anything happen to innocent people. She searches for the bomb and then takes the metal detector from a guard saying she will make a report on this too. Imlie thinks she can’t announce the bomb right now else people will start panicking. Aryan holds the bomb mic and thinks where is Imlie, she should have been here to be with Chini as it’s a big day for her. How would Imlie take interview without a mic? Anu tries to run away with Malini as there are hardly two minutes left for them to save their lives. Malini says no one should know it was her plan to place the bomb here.

The flag hoisting starts and everyone witnesses that. Later Chini runs towards Aryan and takes the mic from him and goes on stage theffile hears the alarm sound in the detector when she comes closer to Chini. She suspects that the bomb is in Chini’s mic. Aryan says she calls him a machine, doesn’t mean she will prove it to him by bringing this metal detector. Imlie tells them about the bomb and he gets shocked. They both rush toward Chini and take the mic from her. They throw it up and it blasts in the sky. Aryan hugs Image to protect her. They share a moment. Imlie then saves the flag from falling down. She tries to reduce the fear from people’s minds by saying before also such terrorists and criminals tried to break the unity of Indians but they will be as one always. No one can cause harm to them. She sings Vandemataram with the people. Aryan keeps the flag in its place.

Minister praises her bravery and compares her with the army. Imlie says she is nothing in front of the army but she just fulfilled her duty as a citizen. Aryan supported her too. She is just a reporter at Bhaskar Times. Minister says she is indeed brave and he says the criminal should get caught soon. Chini shouts girl power. Malini hears about Imlie’s bravery from people and gets angry. Anu says they should leave to avoid getting caught by the police. Anu notices Malini’s one earring is missing. Imlie finds it under a chair and says this must belong to the disguised guard who is responsible for the bomb blast. She will catch her for sure.

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