Ishk Par Zor Nahi 11 August 2021 written update – Ishqi did signature on divorce papers

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi sends divorce papers to Ishqi and she did signatures on divorce papers. Riya called Dadi and said she can’t believe that Ishqi can give a divorce to Aahan. Dadi asked Riya to get happy after Ishqi’s divorce. Riya said Ishqi can’t leave Aahan easily. On the other hand, Aahan was sad regarding his divorce and he arrived at Maasi’s home.

Aahan shouted at Ishqi for doing signatures on divorce papers and said does she forget about all her promises? Ishqi said she tried a lot to maintain their marriage but Aahan didn’t think about her once and removed her from his home. Ishqi said Aahan didn’t call her after she left from there. Aahan said he thought that Ishqi will be regretting her mistakes but she has no idea about anything. On the other hand, Dadi asked Riya not to get worried about anything and informed her that everything is going according to their plan.

While Aahan gets angry and he too did signature on divorce papers and he leaves from there. Later Aahan arrived at his home, Dadi asked where he was? Aahan was looking sad. Dadi started her mellow drama and said she can apologize to Ishqi for him. Aahan said he is fine and goes inside his room. Kartik taunted Dadi for breaking Aahan and Ishqi’s marriage. Dadi said she break their marriage just to save Aahan from Ishqi. Dadi said Aahan will forget her soon and asked everyone not to talk about Ishqi again, and she leaves from there. Kartik decided to talk to Aahan, but Chachi stopped him.

On the other hand, Maasi too gets shocked after watching Aahan’s signature on divorce papers while Ishqi was crying. Maasi shouted at Ishqi for taking this decision. Ishqi said their love is real and no one can take them apart. Ishqi said she did this so that Dadi will think that Ishqi doesn’t care about Aahan. Later Cahchi comes to Aahan to talk to him about his divorce. Aahan asked Chachi to go out for few days with the whole family. Chachi asked Aahan to share his problems with her. Aahan asked why Ishqi did signature on divorce papers? Aahan said he goes against Dadi for her but then also she did this and he started crying. On the other hand, Dadi was enjoying alcohol inside her room, for defeating Ishqi. Riya again called her and asked that whether Aahan did signature on divorce papers or not? Dadi informed Riya that Aahan did signature on divorce papers. Suddenly Chachi arrived in Dadi’s room.

Maasi informed Savitri about Ishqi and Aahan’s divorce. Savitri shouted at Ishqi for her decisions and asked why she is doing this? Ishqi asked Savitri to discuss their plan with Suraj and collect evidence against Dadi. Suraj arrived at Maasi’s home. Savitri requested Ishqi to save her marriage. Ishqi asked Savitri to listen to her plan first.

Upcoming Story: A news gets broadcast on news channel that Ishqi will come live and shows the black secrets of the Malhotra family. Aahan gets angry and he went to Ishqi. Aahan asks Ishqi not to involve his family in their fight. Ishqi says she will inform everyone of whatever Dadi has done with Savitri.