Ishk Par Zor Nahi 19 August 2021 written update – Dadi exposed herself in front of Aahan

At the beginning of the episode, Ishqi was admitted to the hospital and Kartik was there in the hospital with Ishqi. Sarla called Kartik and asked him to handle Sonu. Kartik went to Sarla’s house. Dadi arrived at the hospital to kill Ishqi. When she was trying to remove Ishqi’s oxygen mask, suddenly Aahan arrived there and stopped her. Aahan asked why Dadi arrived here? Dadi said she was getting worried about Ishqi that’s why she arrived. Aahan said Ishqi will become well soon and said Dadi is too good. Dadi asked Aahan to drop her at home, but Aahan refused. Dadi leaves from there.

Aahan sits near Ishqi and suddenly Ishqi gets conscious. Aahan apologized to Ishqi for everything. Later Sarla arrived at Malhotra’s residence with Pandit Ji. Sarla informed everyone that she has organized pooja for Sonu’s baby’s health. Dadi was getting worried about Ishqi and suddenly Aahan arrived at home with Ishqi. Sarla said Aahan took divorce from Ishqi, he burnt the divorce papers in front of everyone. Suddenly Savitri also arrived there. Dadi said why Savitri arrived at home? Aahan said Ishqi wants Savitri to attend the pooja and that’s why she is here.

Sarla said Savitri tried to kill Ishqi. Aahan said Savitri did nothing. Later Dadi asked Aahan to choose anyone between her and Savitri. Aahan asked Dadi to focus on pooja and leaves from there. Pandit Ji gives blessings to Sonu for her upcoming baby. Savitri asked Sonu to take care of her baby and protect her baby from every problem in life. Sarla appreciated Savitri’s words. Pandit ji completed pooja and leaves from there. Savitri invited Raj and Aahan with their wives to London to spend some time with her. Dadi shouted at Savitri. Aahan said he wants to live with his mother and soon leave this residence.

Dadi said Savitri wants to break her family. Savitri said she will take her children with her to London. Sonu said she too wants to live with her mother. Dadi said Savitri is lying and she never went to London because she was in a mental asylum for the last 20 years. Aahan shouted at Dadi. Dadi said Savitri wanted to leave Aahan’s father that’s she did everything. Aahan said his father was an alcoholic and that’s Savitri decided to leave the Malhotra family and she was right. Chachi Ji also apologized to Savitri. Sonu also shouted at Dadi for keeping her mother away from her. Dadi started shouting at Ishqi and tried to kill her but Aahan stopped Dadi. Aahan took Savitri and Ishqi with him.

Upcoming Story: Ishqi asks does Aahan wants to leave this residence or not? Aahan says he has promised his mother and that’s why he needs to leave this house. The whole family starts celebrating the arrival of Savitri in Aahan’s life.