Ishk Par Zor Nahi 20 August 2021 written update – Happy ending

At the beginning of the episode, Ishqi placed a photo of Savitri in her room in between photos of Aahan and her. Aahan appreciated Ishqi for exposing Dadi in front of her and asked why she did the signature on divorce papers? Ishqi informed Aahan that she did signature on divorce papers just to prove that she didn’t care about Aahan so that Dadi will commit a mistake. Aahan gets emotional and said if Ishqi knew that Dadi would do something wrong with her then she shouldn’t have done this.

Aahan informed Ishqi that Riya was telling lie to everyone and she is not pregnant due to him. Ishqi becomes happy and asked doesn’t want to go away from this home? Aahan said he has promised to Savitri so he needs to leave this home. Ishqi asked Kartik to celebrate everything with family. Kartik gathered everyone, served beer and soft drinks to everyone. Kartik offered bear to Savitri but she refused so Ishqi mixed alcohol in Savitri’s soft drink. Dadi arrived at the gathering and get shocked.

Ishqi asked Dadi to enjoy with everyone. Dadi sits with everyone and start drinking beer with everyone. Chachi Ji gets drunk and asked Dadi that doesn’t she felt guilty while keeping Savitri away from her children? Dadi said she has also lost her children. Savitri said if Dadi loves someone then she try to control that person through her orders. Dadi started crying and apologizing in front of everyone. Dadi said she is accepting her mistakes because she is drunk and asked Savitri to take care of Aahan. Savitri said she didn’t want to break the Malhotra family but only want Dadi to accept her mistakes.

Savitri said we can still live together under the same roof. Ishqi asked Aahan to take blessings from Dadi. Dadi accepts Aahan and Ishqi happily. Aahan shows gratitude towards Ishqi for happily ending everything and come close to her. Ishqi stopped Aahan and said if he wants to come close to her then he needs to marry her and leaves from there. Later everyone gets ready and Aahan dressed like a bridegroom. No one informed anything to Aahan. Suddenly a band arrived at the entrance of Malhotra’s residence. Ishqi arrived in Aahan’s car. Ishqi proposed Aahan marry her. Everyone was enjoying the moments. Suddenly Sarla arrived there and congratulates Aahan and Ishqi for their marriage. Aahan and Ishqi took blessings from Savitri. Ishqi said she got a mother.