Ishk Par Zor Nahi 18 August 2021 written update – Aahan get to know about the reality of Dadi

At the beginning of the episode, Aahan gets the call from an unknown and when he checked Dadi’s phone, he gets to knew that it was from a mental hospital. Aahan observed that something was wrong and therefore he went to the mental asylum with Kartik. The mental asylum receptionist refused to Aahan. Aahan and Kartik get inside the mental asylum. On the other hand, the doctor informed Dadi that if we will give one more dose to Ishqi then she will die, so Dadi decided to kill Ishqi by herself. Suddenly Savitri arrived at the mental asylum and shouted at the receptionist.

Dadi asked the hospital’s staff to hold Savitri at the reception. Savitri shouted at the doctor and asked him to reveal where is Ishqi? But the doctor said nothing and went inside. Aahan and Kartik were going inside the cabin, but the doctor stopped them. Aahan and Kartik anyhow went inside the cabin. Aahan found Ishqi and he took her out of the cabin. Aahan fighting with the doctor and Kartik called the police. Aahan asked who asked him to kidnap Ishqi? The doctor said Savitri asked him to kidnap Ishqi and gave him money to do this. Suddenly police also arrived there, Aahan asked police to arrest Savitri. Police took Savitri with them.

Aahan and Kartik took Ishqi to the hospital. The doctor informed Aahan that Ishqi gets conscious tomorrow. Aahan sits near Ishqi and apologized in front of her for misunderstanding her. Aahan said even Dadi also break his trust and he knew that Dadi did everything with Ishqi. Aahan started crying in front of Ishqi, suddenly Kartik arrived there. Kartik also gets to knew that Dadi did everything with Ishqi. On the other hand, Dadi called the hospital and get enquired about Ishqi, but the doctor refused to give any information regarding Ishqi.

Later Aahan asked Kartik to take care of Ishqi and he went to Maasi’s home. Aahan asked why Dadi did this with Ishqi? Maasi said Ishqi wanted to expose Dadi that’s why Dadi kidnapped Ishqi. Aahan also gets papers from Savitri’s office and gets to knew that Savitri has filed domestic violence case against his dad. Later Aahan asked Chachi about his dad? Chachi informed Aahan that his father was an alcoholic and he used to beat Savitri rudely and said Dadi covered everything just to maintain the family’s reputation. Aahan asked why Savitri left Malhotra, family? Chachi said she didn’t know the exact reason. Suddenly Chacha Ji also arrived there. Chachi informed Aahan that Savitri decided to file a complaint against her husband because he beat Aahan. On the other hand, Dadi informed Sarla that Savitri took Ishqi to the mental asylum and asked Sarla to call Kartik to handle Sonu. Sarla called Kartik and asked him to arrive at her home to handle Ishqi. Sarla went out of the hospital.

Upcoming Story: Dadi arrives at Ishqi’s cabin, suddenly Aahan arrives there and asks why Dadi is here? Dadi says just to check Ishqi’s health she arrives at the hospital.