Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 18 August 2021 written update – Samar threatens Garv

At the beginning of the episode, Kesar came to Krishna and asked why he seems to be worried? He told her nothing is like that just work pressure. Kesar says you always supported Pratigya like a supportive husband then why this time he is doubting her. Krishna told her that he is not doubting her just he wanted that everything to get’s cleared out so that no one gets a chance to point on her. Pratigya came inside the room and tells Kesar to leave convincing him as our bond is too weak.

Sumitra tells Samar how she lay this trap and created a misunderstanding between them. Samar praises her for the mind-blowing idea. She says she will snatch her both husband and son. Samar told her that he would be helping her in this conspiracy.

Kesar says they both need to sit together and sort out this problem. After Kesar left Krishna to try to convince her for the test. Pratigya says he wants he to give that test because he has doubt that Garv is not his son. He told her it’s not like that there might be the mistake of the hospital management as children’s get’s exchanged. Pratigya says Garv is our son and we don’t want any proof for it.

Komal brings a dish for Adarsh. After eating he says stones are there in this food. She says he can eat poison then why can’t he eat those stones. He told her because of all this no one would stay with you. Komal says that she won’t let him go anywhere leaving her.

Garv saw Krishna and hugged him tightly. He says why you don’t love me or he is not his son. Krishna says it’s nothing like that he loves him very much. Sumitra saw Garv and stops him. Then Samar and Sumitra told him whether he did his packing or not as he is not part of this family. Sumita act’s innocent and shows fake sympathy. Samar says we don’t have any other option but no problem Garv would manage himself. Garv told them that Krishna would not let him go anywhere. Sumitra says not to fear as today he can sleep peacefully in this house and who knows what would happen tomorrow. Samar threatens him that if he reveals all this to anyone then he would drop him at some unknown place.

Kriti was making a card for Garv. Pratigya says she cares too much for Garv. Later Pratigya noticed Garv was sitting alone and crying. She asked him the reason for his crying. Garv didn’t reveal anything as Samar threatened him not to say anything to anyone. Pratigya told him not to think about the report as nothing would happen to him. Then she took him and made him sleep. Krishna came and ask why Garv is sleeping here. She told him he is here to sleep with us as today he was a little upset. Karina took a pillow and was willing to sleep on the floor. Pratigya asks him what he is doing?