Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 written update 29 August 2021 weekly

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is a show about the love of Pratigya and Krishna. Pratigya is an educated girl and she is a public prosecutor. She believes in justice and her husband Krishna always supports her. Nine years later after her marriage, she finds herself conflicted between her duty and her emotions.

Last week, Kesar was searching for something. She came across an envelope which was similar to that DNA report. Kesar was about to open but Sumitra snatched it from her. Kesar says she thinks again Sumitra is trying to create a misunderstanding between Krishna and Pratigya. Sumitra told her that she lost all the right to ask her anything. Kesar tells her that she would inform Pratigya.

There Samar and Sumitra tied Kesar on a chair and put a gun on her head. Sumitra was about to shoot but suddenly Krishna came back home. Kriti asks Garv where is her gift. Garv told her it’s there in the storeroom inside the trunk. Meanwhile, Kriti went there and saw the room was locked.  Adarsh tells Krishna that she won’t sit in peace let us break the lock. They went there and breaks the lock and get into the room. They were shocked to see Kesar over there tied on a chair.

After bringing Kesar downstairs Krishna asked who did this with her. Samar confessed that he did this and told Krishna to call the police freely. Pratigya scolds her for being a shadow of Shakti. On the other hand, Adarsh told them that Sumitra would have taken his help as he can’t do it alone. Pratigya was asking whether Sumitra was also involved or not? Kesar reveals the truth that how she came across the original DNA report and then they both tied her in the storeroom. Krishan gives Sumitra 24 hours to confess her mistake or else he would call the police.

Sumitra was telling Samar that before Krishna drag her out of the house she would destroy this house. Adarsh packed his bag and told Komal that he is going from here permanently. Komal took his bag and set it on fire. He tells Komal that by doing all this he can’t stop her. Komal thought about what she should do to stop him. Adarsh was about to exit from that room suddenly he saw Komale banging her head against the wall. He stops her from doing that.

Pratigya gets an unknown call that Krishna meets with an accident. After she left Sumitra locked kid’s in a room and was about to set it on fire. Later Krishna saw Komal sitting upset. She acknowledged him that Adarsh left her forever. Krishna told her not to worry he will bring him back. Pratigya came over there and acknowledge the whole truth to Krishna about how Komal forced him to love her. After listening to all this he suggested Komal move on.

Pratigya came to Garv and thanked him for taking the right step. She told him that she is very happy to see this. Then Pratigya convinces him to forgive Kesar as it wasn’t her fault. Samar told her that Sumitra manipulated him. Police arrested Sumitra. Before leaving she apologized to everyone for what she did. Pratigya told them that they should be walking on the right path and leave the rest on God.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2’.

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