Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 23 August 2021 written update – Sumitra’s evil move

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna came with food for Kriti and feeds her. Suddenly Garv regained his consciousness. Krishna told him that he scared him. Then he feeds him too with his own hand. On the other hand, Kesar was searching for something. She came across an envelope which was similar to that DNA report. Kesar was about to open but Sumitra snatched it from her. Kesar says she thinks again Sumitra is trying to create a misunderstanding between Krishna and Pratigya. Sumitra told her that she lost all the right to ask her anything. Kesar tells her that she would inform Pratigya.

On the other hand, Kesar was trying to call Pratigya but the phone was unreachable. Suddenly Samar came to Kesar and told her that he needs her help urgently. Then she went along with Samar. Komal was telling Adarsh that she felt happy seeing Pratigya and Krishna together with their children. She tells him that she also wishes to have a family like them. Adrash told her that it’s good that she is not having any family.

There Samar and Sumitra tied Kesar on a chair and put a gun on her head. Kesar was telling her son that it wasn’t her mistake. Komal tells Adarsh that he won’t understand her pain of losing a partner and her own child. She told her that she has to take her own stand or else this society won’t let her live peacefully. Adarsh apologies for not minding his tongue. Komal says the complications between them would get vanished if they had. Child. Adarsh told her that she can’t be his child’s mother.

Sumitra was about to shoot but suddenly Krishna came back home. Kriti asks Garv where is her gift. Garv told her it’s there in the storeroom inside the trunk. Kirit was about to go but Sumitra tells her to take a rest. She told her that after seeing the gift she would take a rest.

Meanwhile, Kriti went there and saw the room was locked. Pratigya says the key would be with Kesar she will open it. Sumitra told them that she went to the market for some work. Adarsh tells Krishna that she won’t sit in peace let us break the lock. They went there and breaks the lock and get into the room. They were shocked to see Kesar over there tied on a chair.

After bringing Kesar downstairs Krishna asked who did this with her. Samar confessed that he did this and told Krishna to call the police freely. Pratigya scolds her for being a shadow of Shakti. On the other hand, Adarsh told them that Sumitra would have taken his help as he can’t do it alone. Pratigya was asking whether Sumitra was also involved or not? Kesar reveals the truth that how she came across the original DNA report and then they both tied her in the storeroom.

Eventually, Krishan gives Sumitra 24 hours to confess her mistake or else he would call the police.

Upcoming story – Krishna planned a surprise. Sumitra dragged Kriti and thought Krishna would not able to see his kid’s anymore