Ishk Par Zor Nahi 12 August 2021 written update – Ishqi’s announcement

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi sends divorce papers to Ishqi for breaking Aahan’s marriage. Just to prove to Dadi that she didn’t care about Aahan, Ishqi did the signature on divorce papers. When Aahan gets to knew about this, he shouted at Ishqi, but she didn’t listen to him so Aahan also does the signature on divorce papers. Maasi informed Savitri about Ishqi and Aahan’s divorce. Savitri asked Ishqi to save her marriage, but Ishqi asked her to listen to her plan. On the other hand, Dadi was drinking alcohol in her room, Chachi arrived at her room.

While Aahan was also drinking alcohol because of his divorce. Kartik asked Aahan to think about Ishqi once and do efforts to save her marriage. Kartik informed Aahan that Dadi had done something that’s why Ishqi did signature on divorce papers. Aahan said he always supported Ishqi again and again, but this time he can’t support her. Aahan said he doesn’t want to live with Ishqi anymore and he went to his room.

Chachi asked why Dadi destroyed Aahan’s life? Dadi started shouting at Chachi and asked her to behave properly with her. Chachi said Dadi destroyed Savitri’s life and said Dadi is selfish. Dadi tries to hit Chachi, but Chachi Ji opposed Dadi. Chachi said everyone should get to know that how Dadi treats women in her family. Dadi asked Chachi to leaves from there. Chachi said Dadi too wants to destroy her life. Chachi ji supported Chachi and said Dadi also destroyed Aahan and Savitri’s life. Dadi said Ishqi has provoked Chachi. Chachi said one day Dadi will get exposed in front of Aahan.

Later Chachi arrived at Maasi’s home to meet Ishqi. Ishqi tried to give an explanation, but Chachi stopped her and said she knew everything about Dadi. Chachi asked Ishqi to expose Dadi in front of Aahan, but Ishqi said she will handle everything. Later news gets broadcast on the news channel that Ishqi will come live and tell the black secrets of the Malhotra family. Savitri and Maasi asked why she did this? Ishqi said they need to fight with Dadi. On the other hand, Dadi was getting panic due to that news. Riya tried to call Dadi, but she didn’t pick up her call. Aahan arrived at Maasi’s home and asked why she is involving his family in their fight? Ishqi said Aahan also bring his family for their divorce and that’s why she will expose them. Ishqi said Aahan didn’t think before kicking her out of his house and that’s why she will not listen to anything. Aahan said marrying Ishqi was his life’s biggest mistake and he leaves from there. On the other hand, Dadi informed everyone that Ishqi and Savitri are doing this to disrespect Aahan. Aahan arrived at home and said we did nothing wrong and that’s why we should not get worried about anything.

Upcoming Story: Aahan says that Riya can live with him, but she needs to do a maternity test. Dadi informs everyone that Ishqi did everything for money.