Ishk Par Zor Nahi 13 August 2021 written update – Dadi kidnapped Ishqi

At the beginning of the episode, Aahan removed Ishqi from his house because he gets to know that she was supporting Savitri against Dadi. Dadi sends divorce papers to Ishqi, just to prove that she didn’t care about Aahan, she did signature on divorce papers. On the other hand, Aahan gets angry and does the signature too. Maasi and Savitri get worried about Ishqi and Aahan’s marriage. Ishqi discussed a new plan with them. Ishqi does an announcement that she will expose the Malhotra family on the news channel. Dadi gets panic after this news, but Aahan asked her to stay calm.

Later Aahan said to Riya that she can live with him. On the other hand, Dadi called Ishqi and asked her to meet her once. Dadi started apologizing and asked her not to expose the Malhotra family on the news channel. Aahan asked Riya to do a maternity test. Riya shouted at Aahan for doubting her. Aahan said he doesn’t want to get cheated on again and said without a maternity test he will not marry Riya. Ishqi gets happy and informed everyone that Dadi will expose herself. Maasi and Savitri asked Ishqi not to meet Dadi, but Ishqi said we won this game.

Later Dadi went in a press conference. Dadi informed everyone that we sort out things in their family inside and said Ishqi is not going to expose anyone. Sarla provoked reporters to ask Dadi about Savitri? A reporter asked why Aahan took divorce? Dadi said she will not talk about their family’s past and leave from there. Om the other hand Maasi was crying and getting worried about Ishqi. Kartik asked Aahan to get to know where is Ishqi? Aahan said he will not interfere in Ishqi’s matter. Dadi arrived at home and informed everyone that Ishqi took the money and did back out.

Dadi said Ishqi took Rs. 50 lakh from her to sort out everything. Ishqi was missing because Dadi has kidnapped her. Dadi lied in front of everyone and become great. Aahan asked where is Ishqi? Dadi said Ishqi went away from everyone. Dadi’s fake doctors brought Ishqi to a mental asylum to give her shocks. Dadi was talking to a doctor about Ishqi, suddenly Sarla arrived there and heard everything. Sarla informed Dadi that Aahan will marry Riya. On the other hand doctor in mental asylum give drugs to Ishqi to disturb her mental stability.

Upcoming Story: Dadi is giving a dose of the drug to Ishqi. Aahan and Kartik arrive at the mental asylum and enquires about Ishqi. Aahan get inside the cabin where Dadi is giving an injection to Ishqi.