Ishk Par Zor Nahi 16 August 2021 written update – Maasi lied to Aahan

At the beginning of the episode, Ishqi made an announcement that she will expose Dadi on the news channel. Dadi got panic and requested Ishqi to meet her once. In that meeting, Dadi kidnapped Ishqi and send her to the mental hospital. On the other hand, Dadi informed everyone that Ishqi took money from her and leaves from there. Aahan gets shocked by Dadi’s words, while everyone was searching Ishqi. Later Savitri arrived at Malhotra’s residence and started shouting at Dadi. Aahan tried to oppose Savitri, but she continued to shout at Dadi.

Just to prove herself right, Dadi started crying and apologizing in front of Aahan. Savitri asked Aahan to think from his heart and asked why she will do this? Aahan said he don’t want to talk about Ishqi and asked her to leave from there. Sonu asked Aahan to not believe anyone about Ishqi. On the other hand, Riya decided to inform Aahan about her pregnancy but Riya’s mother stopped her. Sarla arrived at Riya’s home and informed her that Ishqi took money from Dadi. Dadi blackmailed Maasi and asked her to not tell anything to Aahan.

Later Aahan reached Maasi’s home and asked does Ishqi really took the money from Dadi? Maasi lied to Aahan and said money is everything for Ishqi. Sonu and Kartik refused to believe that Ishqi took money from Dadi. Aahan asked them to not talk about Ishqi anymore. Aahan was recognizing Ishqi and thinking about their marriage. Kartik and Sonu were also nervous. Kartik and Sonu said Ishqi can’t do take money from Dadi and they both asked Aahan to find out the reason behind Ishqi’s missing. Aahan took drinks and asked them not to think about Ishqi, and leaves from there.

On one side Aahan was recognizing moments he has spent with Ishqi, on the other hand, she was expecting him to save her from Dadi. No one was there in Ishqi’s cabin so she took the phone from the table and called Aahan but his phone was getting busy. After completing the call, Aahan again does the call but Dadi reached Ishqi’s cabin and took the phone from her. On the other hand, Aahan was inside Suraj’s cabin and found some files, he tried to check that files. But Savitri arrived there and asked him to mind his own business. Suraj appreciated Aahan’s work and asked why he thinks that Dadi is right? Aahan asked Suraj not to interfere in his personal life and leaves from there. On the other hand, Dadi asked the doctor to give multiple doses of drugs to Ishqi so as to make her mad.

Upcoming Story: Riya informs Aahan that she is pregnant but not because of Aahan. Aahan gets shocked. After that, a doctor from the mental office calls Dadi, but Aahan picks up the call and he felt that something is wrong. Aahan and Kartik went to a mental hospital.