Ishk Par Zor Nahi 17 August 2021 written update – Riya revealed the truth about her pregnancy

At the beginning of the episode, after Dadi kidnapped Ishqi, everyone was looking for Ishqi. Dadi also threatened Maasi and asked her to inform everyone that Ishqi ran away with money that Dadi has given to her. Aahan was recognizing moments he has spent with Ishqi, but after hearing Maasi’s words he started regretting himself for marrying Ishqi. After that Aahan was in a meeting with Suraj, Suraj asked why Aahan trust Dadi too much? Aahan gets offended and decided to leave from there.

Savitri shouted at Aahan for taking divorce from Ishqi. Savitri said Dadi is wrong and asked him to take decisions by his own mind. Later Riya’s mother called Aahan and asked him to arrive at her home. Aahan reached Riya’s house. Riya’s mother asked Aahan to marry Riya without any maternity test. Riya said she is not comfortable doing maternity tests because she is pregnant due to her ex-boyfriend. Riya said her mother planned everything to force him to marry. Aahan gets shocked and shouted at her for cheating on him. Riya said Aahan also cheated her just because of Ishqi.

Riya said she is doing everything just because of her baby. Riya asked Aahan to do justice with Ishqi. Aahan goes to his house and started doubting his decision to give divorce to Ishqi. On the other hand, Sonu gets sick. The doctor checked Sonu and informed everyone that Sonu is pregnant. Dadi’s phone was ringing, Aahan checked that caller and found that he gets too many calls from the same caller. Aahan started doubting at Dadi. Aahan informed Kartik about that call and asked him to check who is that caller. Kartik and Aahan get to knew that he got a call from a mental asylum.

Aahan said someone was offering a credit card to him on a call from mental asylum No. Later Aahan and Kartik decided to go to a mental asylum to enquired about Ishqi. Dadi also went to a mental asylum. The nurse informed the doctor that if they will give another to Ishqi then she will die and the nurse denied giving another dose. Dadi arrived in the cabin and said she will kill Ishqi. Aahan and Kartik reached and enquired about Ishqi at the reception of mental asylum. Dadi was giving a dose to Ishqi, suddenly receptionist arrived there and informed Dadi that someone was enquiring about Ishqi. The receptionist informed Aahan that no patient named Ishqi is there in the hospital. Aahan and Kartik get inside the hospital to find Ishqi and they starts checking every cabin.

Upcoming Story: Aahan found Ishqi in the mental hospital. Aahan started beating the doctor and asks who told him to kidnap Ishqi? The doctor tells that Dadi said him to do so.