Ishk Par Zor Nahi written update 6 August 2021 Aahan get out Ishqi from his house

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi wants to remove Ishqi from Aahan’s life so she made an excuse that just to maintain the family’s dignity they should bring Riya to their home. On the other hand, Ishqi want to expose Dadi in front of Aahan, so she made a plan with Riya and give her some evidence against Dadi. But Riya cheated Ishqi and she shows a video clip of Ishqi and Savitri together. Everyone gets shocked after watching that clip. Dadi shouted at Ishqi and insulted her for helping Savitri.

Dadi insulted Savitri, Ishqi said Dadi is lying and she asked Dadi to tell the truth. Dadi tried to hit Ishqi, but Aahan defended Ishqi. Dadi asked how Aahan can support Ishqi, even she tried to help Savitri? Aahan said Ishqi didn’t hide anything from him and said he knew everything. Aahan asked Riya to leave from there. Aahan warned Dadi and asked her to not to think of hitting Ishqi. Dadi continued her mellow drama and suddenly Savitri arrived at Malhotra’s residence.

Savitri said Ishqi helped her and she had not done anything wrong, and admired Ishqi in front of everyone. Dadi asked Savitri to leave from there. Savitri said she will expose Dadi in front of her children. Dadi started crying and apologizing in front of Savitri. Aahan thought Dadi is right and he asked Savitri to leave from there. Later Dadi taunted Aahan for supporting Ishqi. Everyone asked Dadi to take a rest and send her in room. Ishqi apologized in front of Aahan. Aahan asked Ishqi to leave his house.

Aahan said he supported her just because Ishqi supported him in Riya’s incident, and shouted at her for hiding everything from him. Ishqi tried to explain Aahan that she supported Savitri due to some reasons, but Aahan didn’t listened to her and asked her to get out of his house. On the other hand, Savitri was crying because she was unable to expose Dadi in front of Aahan. Suraj asked how Riya get evidence against Ishqi? Savitri said Dadi helped Riya to blame Ishqi. Later Dadi was talking to Riya. Riya asked why Aahan didn’t shout at Ishqi? Dadi informed Riya that Aahan didn’t disrespect Ishqi in front of everyone but he will go away from Ishqi. Dadi admired Riya’s work and asked her to follow her instructions. Sonu and Kartik decided to talk to Ishqi about Savitri, but Aahan stopped them and said they will not meet Savitri at any cost. Dadi came to Sonu’s room and insulted Ishqi in front of everyone. Ishqi packed her luggage and going out of the Malhotra residence. Ishqi promised Aahan that she will bring Savitri and Aahan close to each other.

Upcoming Story: Dadi brings some papers and asks Aahan to do a signature on that papers. Aahan asks about papers. Dadi says they are divorce papers of Ishqi and Aahan.