Kumkum bhagya 23 December 2020 Written Update – Will Prachi purpose Ranbir?

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya asks which outfit is best. Sarita asks who will Abhi notice her dress or her sadness. Pragya says Abhi is happy with his marriage so she will also show her happiness. She adds she doesn’t want Abhi in her life anymore. Prachi calls them for dinner. Pragya says he will eat it later. Prachi asks what happened. Sarita says what if Pragya throws her anger on Abhi. Later Pragya arrives at Mehra’s house and Mitali tells this to Aliya. Aliya happily says today we can see Pragya’s tears.

While Pragya looks happy. She asks everyone about their health. She says they are family but now they are not so let me introduce Prachi to you guys. She calls Prachi Prachi Mehra saying that Abhi and she broke their marriage but Prachi is still his daughter thus her name should be entered as Mehra. Mitali thinks about why she looks so happy? Aliya asks Pragya to meet Meera. Pragya says, of course, she will, Meera takes care of Riya as Yoshda so she would love to meet her.

Sahana is about to say something to Aliya but Prachi forbids her. Aliya says Prachi is nice but only Riya can be her niece. Sarita takes both from there after giving a harsh replay to Aliya. The waiter accidentally spills his drink on Abhi. Pragya comes there and taunts him. She asks him to come with her to change his clothes into a new one. Pallavi tells Vikram about Ranbir’s plan with Prachi. She tells that today he will break his relationship with her. Vikram goes from there as he gets upset with Pallavi’s mindset.

Ranbir comes to Riya and asks her to come with him. Aliya is happy seeing that and adds soon Prachi and Pragya’s heart will break. Abhi tells Pragya that he doesn’t like the clothes she chooses. Pragya says may be his taste changed do wear what you don’t like. She is about to leave after mocking him but he holds her and asks if she is happy with this marriage. Pragya says yes and asks him to marry Meera then we both will get happy. There, Riya’s friend tells Sahana about Riya and Ranbir but Aryan stops her.

Prachi thinks why Ranbir is ignoring her. Ranbir tells Riya about how he will handle Prachi in his way. While Sahana asks Prachi to Purpose Ranbir. There Abhi asks Pragya the truth if she is happy or not. Pragya says she is happy for sure. Later Pragya thinks to meet Meera.

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