Kundali bhagya 23 December 2020 Written Update – Srishti and Sameer hear Mahira’s plan

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta and Karan come to a mask party. A man who is hosting party night asks them to record party things if they want to. He tells them if they want then visit the resort. Then he asks people to applause their wives if they care about them. Karan applause for Preeta. Preeta calls him lucky as she never takes the TV remote from him. Karan says but she always hides the AC remote.

Preeta asks don’t say these things. He says Preeta is very problematic for him. Preeta asks why he always marks her wrongdoing if she is so bad? Karan says no, she is the best. Preeta laughs saying he right. Sherlyn and Mahira enter the party. Karan notices a man who is looking at them. He goes towards him but Preeta stops saying why he is leaving. Karan mocks saying don’t love him that much that she can’t bear some seconds separation. He then leaves.

He accidentally hit Mahira but couldn’t see her as she has a mask on her face. He goes to that man and asks what? Why he is looking at them. Raj says he is his fan, Preeta once helped him and he wants to meet her but can’t as he feels shy. He says some good words about her. Karan feels good hearing that and says he is lucky to have a wife like Preeta. This thing burns Mahira she wants to harm Raj but Sherlyn handles her. Srishti and Sameer arrive at the hotel.

Sherlyn tells Mahira their plan and Srishti and Sameer hear them. Later Raj meets Preeta and goes. While Srishti comes to Preeta and tells her about Mahira’s plan. She asks her not to worry she and Sameer will handle everything. They go seeing Karan there. Mahira feels bad seeing Preeta catches everyone’s eyes. While Preeta and Karan dance together on paper. Mahira is angry. Sherlyn ask her clam down.

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